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How Many Books Did Nathaniel Hawthorne Write

I’m a great writer, but how do I write better stories.

I like to think of myself as a very good writer. I’m in my senior year in high school and I’ve always excelled in English, mainly in writing. I want to be a story teller though. I want to evoke happiness, sadness, despair, ecstasy, and laughter from people with what I write... And I wouldn’t mind some…

I find it amusing that you describe yourself as a great writer when you are what … 17?Great writers are Cervantes, Hemingway, Faulkner, Cormac Mc Carthy, Toni Morrison, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Poe, Fitzgerald, Dickens, Shakespeare, James Joyce, Maya Angelou, Frank Mc Court, Twain, O Henry, Kate Chopin and many more.And they have one thing in common. They didn’t have to go to forums to ask people to help them come up with plots for stories. Why? Because they lived … they had more than 17 years worth of experience to back them up. They got out in the world and did things – Hemingway climbed mountains and drove ambulances in the first World War. All of them had a lot of life experience to back them up.For now, write about what you know. That is not to say you are limited to only the experiences of the world around you. It is possible to research and write about what you learn, too.You have to cut your teeth on short stories and grow up and mature into someone who can evoke those kind of emotions from people.If you have trouble with organization, the issue is focus and you need to outline. You need to realize that a lot goes into the preparation for writing a book. I recently read a wonderful novel called The Fig Eater. The author spent NINE MONTHS researching before she wrote a single word. She researched turn of the century Vienna until she was able to write about it as though she was there at the time. She also did amazing character studies and knew her characters intimately. All of that comes before writing a story.As a great author once said. Writing is easy- you just sit down in front of a keyboard and open a vein. Lower your expectations for a while, hon. You aren’t “great” yet.Did you drive the Indy 500 the day you got your license? Do you play Carnegie Hall the first time you sit down at a piano? No… It takes years of experience and practice to achieve such goals.Work on being great, but realize that you have a long way to go before your name goes in the list above. Be honest with yourself, you know that is the truth.—-They’re, Their, There – Three Different Words.Careful or you may wind up in my next novel.Pax – C

is there an easy to read Scarlet letter book.

I want a book that translates Hawthorne into modern english. i have to read the book for english and i hate the way hawthorne writes so i bought a sparknotes guide, but its not really helping. does anyone know a good website to get a modern transation of the book or a book version translation? Thanks!!!

Yes there is. It was written by Nathaniel Hawthorne in modern English. Isn’t that a surprise? No modern translation is needed. There is nothing wrong with the way Hawthorne writes. In fact, it is almost Puritanical in how straight forward and simple he wrote. If your teacher told you to read Hawthorne, then read Hawthorne. I taught Hawthorne many times and I have never heard anyone ask for a “modern translation.”Pax – C

Free self help books

Sexism in The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne…..

I’m writing an analytical essay on The Scarlet Letter. I want to discuss sexism but I’m having a hard time collecting evidence (from the book) that illustrates the sexist mentality of the Puritan society Hester lives in. If you’re familiar with the novel, tell me how you think sexism is portrayed in…

I would start with attitudes towards female sexuality. Hester is expected to wait for her husband for years without any word and have no sexual desires. Notice how all of Dimsdale’s suffering is self inflicted and internal, while the community rises up against Hester. Now obviously, the community doesn’t know of Dimsdale’s crime, but I would guess that they might reject him as a pastor, but they would not sew a scarlet letter to his chest and isolate him.I think Hawthorne wrote this piece primarily in a rebuttal against Puritanical ideas of sexuality, not sexism, but certainly Hester is being punished for being a female who expressed sexual desire. (if you know the story of Lilith that’s a great point for comparison.)

What would be a good personal reaction to the book ‘The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

I’ve been working on the essay paper and am stuck on what to write. If you have read the book what would you say if you were asked to do a personal reaction?

i had to write a paper on this novel last year and the prompt was to identify a theme, which is similar to a personal reaction.i wrote a 7 page essay about the effects of public the scarlet letter, hawthorne demonstrates the influence that public opinion has on an individual as various characters in the book allow it to consume their lives. Take, for instance, Hester, who endures the suffering the community imposes for her sin while Dimmesdale imposes his own suffering because he cannot bear to reveal his sin to the community. Chillingworht hides behind a coat of deceit as he refuses to reveal his true identity due to what the public may think. Pearl’s isolation from Puritan society and the mocking of the kids leads to a detachment and aggressive behavior on her part. This is all because the characters constantly ALLOW public opinion to dig their claws into their lives and torment can relate this to modern society by mentioning how at school kids care about what other kids wear, and who they hang out with as well as many other things. And these kids allow that to affect their performance and happiness at school. The opinions of others should not be allowed to consume anyone’s lives. It should only be used for beneficial reasons.Hawthrone teaches us not to let the opinion of others influence our lives as he demonstrates the negative affects this causes through the characters. the scarlet letter ultimately demonstrates that public opinion is not the most important opinion. what matters most is one’s own opinion.if u have further questions or need examples/ quotes from the book to back this up, i may be able to help.just add me or something.

Can any of you help me with my essay on The Scarlett Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.

I have to write an essay this summer for ap english. I’m supposed to “show how Hawthorne makes specific use of his characters for establishing, revealing, controlling and, if present, resolving conflicts of human nature and society, for example, the conflict between worshipping nature or a god or making…

Have you read the book because that might answer many of your questions?The book is about the conflict of religious ideation of women being chaste before marriage and a “man of the cloth” also being chaste outside of marriage. The conflict is that she is punished not him, by the double standard of the “times.” Worse, he is part of the system that condemns her to the “A” for her sexuality.The conflicts of nature are the natural sexual urges of human beings verses the rules of society. Society would want both of them to be married to each other before have an intimate, sexual relationship.You have grown up in a society, predicated from the 1960’s era of “free love”, that having sexual relations and even children outside of the bounds of marriage is acceptible. However, in the time of this book not only have sex but bearing children was considered a social ill that the women was punished for, as well as the child “label illegitinate.”Read the book, especially the end, for the resolution to this conflict of morality verses human sexual needs.

what book do you like.

which book do you like the best from this list and why? also… about how many does it have?… if you have read any of these books on the list that you hated please tell me that too!!! thanks! 1) treasure island by robert louis stevenson 2)the once and future king by t.h. white 3) april morning by howard…

I’ve never read 1 2 3 or 4. I’ve never read I Am The Cheese by Cormier, but I have read another one of his books, The Chocolate War, and it is easily one of my all-time favorites; great teenage angst stuff. And Then There Were None is one of the most brilliantly written mystery novels, like all Agatha Christie books. I’ve never read the book Rebecca, but I love the film by Alfred Hitchcock. Never read 8 or 9, and I HATED The Red Badge of Courage…boring and dull. Never read 11 or 12, though Pygmalion has several adaptations, including My Fair Lady and Pretty Woman. I’ve heard great things about 13 and 14, though never read them myself, never heard of 15 or 16, and both 17 and 18 are classic “chick flick” books

HOW to CITE quotes from a book.

I have wrote an essay about The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne (book version: Batam Classic edition / November 1986), and I need to cite the quotes which I have used in my essay in MLA format.The thing is, I don’t know how,where do I state the author’s name, the quote , the book’s version…

Here’s How this is the best site ever Follow these steps and you will achieve your goal :)1. Go to http://www.easybib.com2.Then click ”Click here to select a source”3. You will see many categories, under popular choose book and it would be the first one.4. You will see alot of blanks just fill them in or Put in the ISB number and autocite it.5. After your done click create citation and you are done just write down what it says as cited.

Nataniel Hawthorne inspiration to write The Scarlet Letter.

I am writing a piece on Nathaniel Hawthorne. I am trying to figure out how his novel, The Scarlet Letter correlates with his personal life. What in his life inspired him to write that novel?

did you check any biographies about him or check I like that website because it doesn’t just tell you about the book, but for most authors it has a background or history available

writing style of the scarlet letter used by nathaniel hawthorne.

yeah thats pretty much it.the writing style of nathaniel hawthorne in the scarlet letter?and quotes supporting that if you have time/want to?thank you soooo much.and its not like im not reading the book and asking you to do my homework for me. i have to fill out alot of crap on it so i would be pretty…

A bit lengthy, but gleam out what you need.NarratorOne of the most obvious problems when discussing The Scarlet Letter is determining the identity of the narrator. This difficulty is clearly intentional. In the second paragraph of “The Custom-House,” Hawthorne claims that he is merely “explaining how a large portion of the following pages came into [his] possession,” hoping to offer “proofs of the authenticity of a narrative therein contained.” Hawthorne proclaims himself only an editor, “or very little more.” Yet later he states that “I have allowed myself nearly or altogether as much license as if the facts had been entirely of my own invention,” and all he is willing to verify is “the authenticity of the outline.” Thus Hawthorne’s characteristic use of ambiguity is both a central theme and a central technique of the novel.SymbolismThe Scarlet Letter is rich with symbols; in fact, it is largely regarded as the first symbolic novel in America. A symbol is, like a metaphor, something that stands for, or represents, something else: an object, a person, even an idea. But the term “symbol” is used to describe a substitution with more power, or profound meaning, for which the term “metaphor” is inadequate. Of course, the scarlet letter itself is the principal symbol in the novel, but there are many others. In the first chapter the wild rosebush symbolizes dissent in its reference to the historical figure Anne Hutchinson, who led a group of religious dissenters in colonial Massachusetts. It also symbolizes Hester and even anticipates the scarlet letter that she wears. Individuals in the novel can also be understood as symbols. For instance, Arthur Dimmesdale, with all of his profound pain and suffering, is symbolic of the high value of truth and the irony of its unattainability.SettingAnother of Hawthorne’s techniques, one that so effectively immerses us in the atmosphere of his story, is his use of setting. The entire novel takes place in and around the small colonial town of Boston, Massachusetts. As Hawthorne describes it, the town is situated precariously between the sea and the great “wilderness” of unsettled America. What lies outside the town is a “black forest,” strongly symbolic of moral absence and evil. Thus the narrator describes a “footpath” that straggled onward into the “mystery of the primeval forest. This [forest] hemmed it in so narrowly, and stood so black and dense on either side that, to Hester’s mind, it imaged not amiss the moral wilderness in which she had so long been wandering.” Here we see an almost claustrophobic pressure being evoked, which alludes to not only Hester but also the community of which she is a part, always facing the possibility of moral failure.As seen above, Hawthorne uses color adeptly in his description of settings. Besides the black wilderness there is the gray of the village and its inhabitants, who, as the narrator describes, “seemed never to have known a youthful era.” Even though it was in fact a young settlement, the town jail “was already marked with weather stains and other indications of age, which gave a yet darker aspect to its gloomy front.” In fact, it is precisely the dark and gloomy depiction of the town that helps to provide a tension with the forest, as if the town were already much like the forest and therefore more liable to be absorbed by its influence.AmbiguityWhile the importance of ambiguity as a theme has already been emphasized, it must still be described as one of Hawthorne’s most important techniques. Repeatedly, where the reader expects to be given sure information, Hawthorne qualifies and withdraws assurance to the point that the reader is often left frustrated. In chapter sixteen even the small forest brook by which Hester discards the scarlet letter threatens Hawthorne’s narration with the disclosure of meaning, and so, the surrounding “giant trees and boulders of granite seemed intent on making a mystery of the course of this small brook; fearing perhaps, that, with its never-ceasing loquacity, it should whisper tales out of the heart of the old forest whence it flowed, or mirror its revelations on the smooth surface of a pool.” Hawthorne renders this beautiful passage to remind the reader, seemingly at every turn, that meaning, or truth, will be profoundly difficult to uncover.

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  1. most agents, editors, and publishers want. You will need to follow submission guidelines just as they are laid down for your submissions. Anything less will result in your manuscript sent back or destroyed unread.i’d talk about how i was outraged by how different our societies areYou’ll need to know how to format your manuscript. This includes the fonts that

  2. This website might help for all your citing problemsThe Scarlet Letter Translation

  3. I want a book that translates Hawthorne into modern english. i have to read the book for english and i hate the way hawthorne writes so i bought a sparknotes guide, but its not really helping. does anyone know a good website to get a modern transation of the book or a book version translation? …

  4. Do you know what the word ‘genre’ means?

  5. If so, visit your local library and inspect any bulletin board that may be there (mine had a list of poetry slams they have there… which I wouldn’t have known about it I hadn’t looked)–but we accept that nowRead, read, read. The more you read of the best stories that other authors have written, the more understanding you’ll gain about plot, character development, and all the other things a writer has to know.

  6. etc

  7. Do you know what a plot is? A sub-plot?Well – the way I improved my writing throughout the years, is by simply reading. Just read a lot. If you are interested in writing a particular genre (say fantasy) then pick up published authors who excel in this area. Study their prose – all the way down to the nitty-gritty. It will certainly help you with plot details and it will help hone your writing abilities.

  8. I don’t think I’ll write about writing here… I was a journalist for the most part, though there are some short stories and now, for some reason, I attempt a book, though I am retired–You need to cite the quotes you used in-text firstmythic

  9. Do you know how to outline?the writing style of nathaniel hawthorne in the scarlet letter?[DELDUP()]o Advances and Royalties

  10. from today’s and back then and what was considered socially acceptable or unacceptableThen go to those events, and soak it all up. You learn a lot by seeing others do what you’d like to do.Good luck!

  11. and quotes supporting that if you have time/want to?

  12. And by all means keep writing; it’s too much fun to do to just stop, huh? (my prob– )Nathaniel Hawthorne Writing Style

  13. You’ll need to know how to use the proper ‘page set up’ for your work. Margins, indents, paragraphs.You need to know how to write an effective ‘query letter’ to a literary agent.Or, perhaps better, ask the reference librarian about any group in town he/she may know of who tells stories, or organizes story telling events.

  14. just click one of the categories on the right side for more help

  15. i absolutely hated that book im sorry you have to read it. the whole book revolves around the question of morality and sin. its contrasting dark vs. light. example: hester and dimmesdale’s sin vs. pearl. pearl represents all the good and pure things so they must gain her approval to truly put that original sin behind them. sorry i would help you more but i read it 2 years ago, and it was so horrendous that i’ve attempted to wipe my memory of it. and if youre reading it for AP english, good luck. it’s hard but not terrible if youre willing to work.

  16. o Copies to Author

  17. Depends on what kinds of things you usually read. I read The Scarlet Letter for the first time when I was 15 and had no problems with it, but thats because I typically read books from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s era, so the language wasn’t too difficult for me to understand. I’ve always been a book worm and English is something that comes naturally to me, so I usually don’t struggle with any book too much. For others, its hard to understand because its not what they are used to, or because English isn’t exactly their strongsuit. The story, theme, and symbolism in the novel is excellent, but the characters do some things that they wouldn’t do in our time period because of cultural differences. If you don’t want to do anything you think will be too challenging, but still want to stick with a classic, I’d go with something by Jane Austen (but if you do, don’t start with Emma). Her novels are romances. The writing is beautiful, the characters are memorable, and there is a lot of conflict. The symbolism isn’t as in-depth as The Scarlet Letter’s is– Jane Austen focused more on human nature than going really in depth with literary devices. Her books are very good, but they aren’t as challenging as other classics out there.

  18. writing style of the scarlet letter used by nathaniel hawthorne?You need a good grasp of the English language. Spelling and Grammar. You will also need to check and recheck your work. Editors are very expensive these days.

  19. Don’t try to make up a random story with characters you don’t even know. When writing try to get to know your characters, pretend like you know them in real life. Also put some of your past experiences when writing, it will flow better. Not exactly word by word.

  20. I’m great at coming up with the ideas. I’ve been working on Notes and Outlines for my Eight book series since I was 13, I’m 15 now, but I write short stories to keep the pen of my mind sharp enough to be able to write the series when the time comes this coming year, lol! =) 1) No, but my friends and I do that if we have an idea that we think the other could write well and vice versa 2) FANTASY! Weather it be realistic Fantasy or high Fantasy I love Fantasy and nothing else! 3) This is a hard question for my character, because it depends how old he is at the time, but I’d say A! =) Good Luck!

  21. Do you know how to write dialogue? How to format dialogue?

  22. Hope I’ve helped.

  23. [/DELDUP]

  24. Can you take rejection and constructive criticism? If you’re easily hurt in the feelings department, then this hobby is not meant for you. Critics will tear you apart or build you up. The best writers in the world “King, Patterson, Koontz, J.K. Rowling, and many others” have been torn up one side and down the other. You can’t please everyone.For the best answers, search on this site wish you the best of luck!

  25. It’s a good idea to know some of the publishing laws. The use of names and places.

  26. just click one of the categories on the right side for more help

  27. The Scarlet Letter Modern Translation

  28. o Option Clause

  29. If you need organizational help, get some small separate notebooks in to put lists of plot details and times per story, and character details and times… oh, I’m sure you get the picture. If not, and even if you do, I suggest this–>”insanity” lol. umm..i’d say that this book just shows that true love feelings are inferior to the rules of society. this whole book was basically written to show mystery and fear, and that sense of questioning, with the little girl as the symbol of innocence yet still evil. there is so much sympathy given to the lady with teh scarlet letter because, she was basically shunned from society, but she still, helped people out, she was a good person. i guess overall this book just gives me frustration, how life isnt always what it seems, and it can be so unfair, to have your loved one right there, but you cant show that and you cant let anyone else know. its also frustrating how the father of the child just decides to keep it a secret, to not even tell anyonee until the end..and when he finally says it..he dies. thats like cowardness right there. ok..theres my reaction. ^_^

  30. RE:

  31. RE:What you wrote that interests me is that you want to be a story teller. That is an art in itself. Do you mean the actual telling of the stories, like I think you do?

  32. It comes from the heart.

  33. Writing a book takes more than just sitting down and putting your idea into words. There are a lot of things that you have to consider.This Site Might Help You.

  34. The best way to improve your writing is to read other works by other authors. analyze how they use different literary devices and develop their characters and etc… also take alot of college writing classes professors will keep tearing down your work until you really start writing professional stories.

  35. Do you know what Point of View is? (POV) Do you know how to write in First Person Point of View? The can’s and can not’s?

  36. yeah thats pretty much it.Really? You can’t find ANYTHING? How about you start with how Hester is punished for having sex and a child out of wedlock, where a man (i.e. Dimmesdale) would not be punished (at least not ostracized so much). Secondly, you have to consider that all the people who seem to run the town are MALE and women are expected to obey them. There’s tons more in the story……not sure how its not apparent. Maybe try actually reading the book instead of using sparknotes?

  37. and what people were ostracized forThese are the things you must know to work at your craft. But don’t let these things deter you from writing. There are books in libraries and bookstores that can teach you all of these things. Buying these books (if you want to be a serious writer) is the best thing to do. Why? Well, because you can use a yellow marker to highlight all the points of interest. Then you can use the front of the book to make page references to those markings in order to check back on them at a later date, when you need to.You will also hopefully be going to college, or a junior college, or a community college, as soon as you can; take a lot of writing courses: creative, journalism, historical… whatever you see in the course book that looks interesting. There may be Story Telling as well.It is different in every citation format (MLA, Chicago, AP) but generally it would be 1. New Moon (underlined). Author Name. page number (as p.12, etc). Publisher.

  38. Are you prepared to do a lot of ‘research’ involving your work? Many professionals such as, doctors, lawyers, nurses, public accountants, judges, architects, bricklayers, engineers, and police officers read, too.This website might help for all your citing problems

  39. o Grant Of RightsHere’s what I tell everyone who asks this question on writing:thank you soooo much.

  40. If you decide to hire an editor, remember: Your manuscript will be double spaced, which means there will be twice as many pages. A 600 page novel could cost you around $1800.00, some even more depending on what the editor charges a page.another way would be to claim sympathy for the womanis there an easy to read Scarlet letter book?

  41. Here’s the trick, just read it. Don’t focus so much on how Hawthorne writes but what he is trying to say. Just try to follow the story. I think there is a movie which might help.

  42. o Delivery Of Satisfactory Copy

  43. what it means is to write about how hawthorne shows “conflicts of human nature and society”. i personally would write about how human nature and society tend to point fingers. they need a scapegoat to blame things on. if you’ve read the book, i’m sure you’ll know which character is the scapegoat 😉 good luck

  44. You need to cite the quotes you used in-text firsto Author’s Warranties and IndemnitiesResearch. That’s the main idea in writing any story. You’re pretty young yet, so, I don’t know about your being a ‘great’ writer, but I would venture to say you’re probably a pretty darn good writer. You claim to have excelled in English and mainly in writing, so that’s a plus.You’ll need to get a copy of Writer’s Market for the current year. This has literary agents whom you can send out query letters to. Some of them allow email queries.

  45. Try to think of another ideas. Read Award books to get you an idea.

  46. Do you know how to get a ‘word count?

  47. Can you write a synopsis that will hold the interest of the agent, and want to make him or her ask for the first three chapters of your work?o Permission for Copyrighted MaterialLuck–

  48. and its not like im not reading the book and asking you to do my homework for me. i have to fill out alot of crap on it so i…

  49. These includeit’s just a normal human instinct to look at the scarlett letter like that, i thinko Proofreading and Author’s CorrectionsDo you know what a prologue is? An epilogue? Do you know how both of them are used and why?

  50. Nathaniel Hawthorne Style

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