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Books On How To Become Rich

how to become rich . please.

i am a 17 years old guy and i’m in 12th grade, i belong to a middle class family our whole property is nearly (3 million USD) i live in delhi and want to know how to become rich? because i want to go to new york city or los angeles 😀 , here i am can’t do any job or anything that can help me earning some...

Hit the books. Study a\ hard n school and getting good grades then go for the jobs you are interested in and save up. You could even start now and don’t spend on little things you barley need like candy and what not.Or you could think of a great invention or some way to become big.

has anyone ever read this book: How to Become Filthy Rich on Your Current Income.

i was just wondering if it was a joke or something really can do…i want to buy but want to see if anyone else out there has read it.

Benjamin Franklin said that the difference between financial success and financial failure was to earn more than you spend, even if it’s just a penny. “A penny saved is a penny earned.” — B. Franklin.How you really become rich is to work for yourself. There are so many business deductions you can take each year, so that on the same income, you would pay less income tax than if you had a paycheck job. The poster who answered about writing a get-rich book is correct. Almost all of them are scams. However, I know 2 people who got rich just buying unimproved land and holding it for several years before selling it. It’s simple if you have a source of income to pay property taxes each year until you sell it. Free zane books online

how to become extraordinary rich .

help me on the basis of tips

The first thing you should do is read a book called “The Cash Flow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki, here you will discover how your mindset has to change, so that you are able to move from the quadrants of mediocraty to the quadrants of the rich.I see from another answer that they recommend Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” excellent reading and here is a third, again by Robert Kiyosaki “The Business School for people who like helping people”.Another thing to do is take a look at the web site I have noted below here you will see a video of the industry recommended by Robert Kiyosaki.If you would like any more information get back to me by email and I will attempt to answer your questions.

Do books who teach you how to become rich actually work.

I think that will depend on the actual subject matter.Author Robert Kiyosaki, who is famous for the “Rich Dad” series of books, devotes a lot of his time to writing about buying “distressed properties” and selling them at a big profit. (A “distressed property” is a house that that owner HAD to sell, because they might have lost their job and can’t afford the mortgage payments. That means they will be more likely to sell at a lower asking price, because they are under pressure to get rid of the house before it eats up all their savings.)I know that his method works, but a lot of people find real estate confusing, so they aren’t able to understand it. So that method of getting rich might not match your personality.

Any book suggestion on how to get rich.

Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals by Thomas C. CorleySecrets of Wealthy People: 50 Stategies to Get Rich by David StevensonThe Magic of Thinking Big by David Joseph Schwartz, PhDJim Cramer’s Get Rich Carefully by James J. CramerMaster-Key to Riches by Napoleon HillStop Acting Rich: …And Start Living Like A Real Millionaire by Thomas J. StanleyRich Bit*h: A Simple 12-Step Plan for Getting Your Financial Life Together…Finally by Nicole LapinThink and grow rich: 10 Ways to ask the right questions and master your mind to become rich by Melanie Hutchinson

How many people actually become rich after reading books on how to get rich.

Its amazing how many books are out there that teach people to acquire wealth, yet how many do? And is the advice REALLY that helpful?personally I feel as though all the money from the book sales just lines the pockets of these already ridiculously rich men and women.

i’ve never read one and coming from a business family… i really don’t think you can learn what it takes to be rich from a book.BUT i have found friends who read self help books have improved their self esteem, attitude to work and opportunities and things like that. So while it won’t make you big bucks, I think for certain people its still useful.

How to become rich .

I am 16 and i am about to learn about electricals in college so i can become an electrician…How can i begin to become rich now?what should i do?because i dont want to waste my life having no money i wanna start working now and retire wen i have enough money

Change your major to premed or finance so you can be a investment banker (lots of money), or a doctor/surgeon. (steady, high incone, but not as much as bankers of brokers.)Either way, save you money wisely, invest in safe stocks/bonds and wise investements. Don;t spend your money on uneesccessary things.Read books such asThe millionaire next door.Genius.

Show biz advice or any advice on how to become rich and famous.

I live in Louisiana and I’m trying to get into either voice acting or acting in movies with no experince…any advice in which what talent agency I should go with to start off would helpthank youmy real reason for doing this is because I can’t find my real parents…I was adopted…so they’ll see…

Here’s how you get into acting:The first thing you need is experience. You should start small and work on building a resume to submit to potential agencies (when the time comes) Audition for school plays and join the drama club. You should also try out for local community theatre shows. Take as many acting classes as possible. Read some books on acting (those by Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Kristen Linklater and Jack Poggi are great).If you feel you are ready, look up auditions on… three websites are reputable, legitimate and free. You generally need a head shot and resume (this website has great information on creating a resume… When you have enough experience you should begin to look for an agent. Look up agents on the SAG website.

Books , Audio Books, Articles, on how to become millionaire.

Hopefully get them for free. That’d be very nice.Any extra advice?A bit about myself: I study business and economics at the best university in my country. Which path to take? How to use this (and what to do further in life) to accomplish my goal of getting rich?

Book Recommendations: InvestingHere are some general book recommendations when it comes to the topic of investing:Stocks for the Long Run, 4th Edition: The Definitive Guide to Financial Market Returns and Long Term Investment Strategiesby Jeremy J. Siegel- This is a book that I recommend to all those who are just starting to learn a little bit more about the stock market and investing in general. This book is recommended after you have a general knowledge about the stock market.Investments, 10th Editionby Charles P. Jones- This is a book that I recommend to all those who already have a basic knowledge about stocks and investing and for those who wish to expand their knowledge.Wealth Forever: The Analytics of Stock Marketsby Sarkis J. Khoury, Poorna Pal, Chunsheng Zhou, and John Karayan- This is a book for people with a superior knowledge of the stock market, investing, and the mathematical formulas involved in creating financial instruments. This book is recommended for all those who want to expand their knowledge on investing using advanced mathematical principles and measures.Derivatives Markets, Second Editionby Robert L. McDonald- This is a book that is for people extremely interested in derivatives and in the mathematical tools needed to comprehend derivatives. This is a book for people who already possess a thorough understanding of the stock market.====================Economics is the science of allocating scarce resources in the most effective manner possible. There will always be scarce resources and there is a strong need to make sure that these resources are distributed fairly and effectively as possible. The field of economics also impacts our lives in a variety of ways, whether it is the supply and demand of the goods that we consume to the way people invest their money in a way that would provide them with the highest rate of return. This is why economics is important.==========Helpful Websites: you are a start-up company, try to develop partnerships with other well-known, established companies.==============The main objective of a business is to make a profit.Profit is defined as Total Revenues minus Total Costs.

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51 thoughts on “Books On How To Become Rich

  1. If you live in america,have food in your fridge and a roof over your head, compared to the rest of the world that`s in deep poverty of the 90 percentage, your a filthy millionaire.

  2. Then these authors specialize in that topic:

  3. marry someone that is extraordinary rich.

  4. dont make dumb promises u wont keep

  5. no one can become rich after reading books, they are rich for books only and can’t not rich by wealth without adopting no 2 method..

  6. If we knew the answer, then we would all be rich

  7. Brad SugarsNo, but really, the only best bet, tried and true safest method is having an IRA or 401K retirement plan. Put 10% of your paycheck every month into your account, and invest it in some good stocks/mutual fund Don’t ever take out your money until you retire, and you’ll see that plan grow fat with money.

  8. Work exceptionally hard at it. But do keep in mind that you are already extraordinarily wealthy in comparison to the rest of the world.

  9. Books can inspire you, but can’t make rich,

  10. well they dont work maybe at one time they did but only for a limited point in time. I cant say the rich are are lazy some are but most are busy dealing with their next project. I speak the truth you wanna be rich think like the wealthy dont be an employee unless you wann make someone else rich.

  11. Those are the top I found but there’s always more just like them. As far as making money goes they are the way to go.

  12. My advise, never run after such books, follow your inner voice and do lots of hard work. That is the only shortcut top success and fame and riches.

  13. Just keep to a monthly budget.

  14. If you wanna become rich then choose the right way to get rich. Also it is also on depend luck

  15. Putting other things and objects to work for you – When you create something that can work for you and make you money, you make far more than what you can earn by yourself. For instance, when a singer writes a song or an a writer writes a book, or an inventor invents something they are hoping that many people will use it or listen to it or buy it. Each person pays a little which adds up to alot for the person who originated it. This is why patents and copyrights are so important in that they provide this incentive.

  16. They are all part of the homework and getting experience, so from that point of view yes.

  17. If your question is how to become extraordinar(il)y wealthy, go away son you’re a bore.

  18. [/DELDUP]Think and grow rich, all though it’s completely cliche I learned the other day something about it. Apparently it’s a serious break down of Andrew Carnegies dynamics.Save your money invest in a Roth and then other IRAs. Compounding will make you rich if you have self-discipline.

  19. buy like a thousand lottery tickets

  20. Also, most of those books, shows, etc. are generally “feel good about yourself” type of scenarios that make you feel like you’re doing something for yourself (which is fine), while spending a lot of money to do so (not so good). The only person who profits is the author/presenter.

  21. If you have an objective or goal in mind but you do not understand£have no idea£do not know} how to make it genuine then is due to the fact that you are not between the fortunate people who assist their lives.

  22. those books generally address the attitude it requires to become wealthy. the difference between you and bill gates, is very simply the way you both think. read think and grow rich by napoleon hill. 20 year research went into this book and the title says it all, how you think determines if you get rich. most other books are shams.

  23. My thinking is same like u.. Contact me [email protected]

  24. It still doesn’t work for me though.None of these is necessarily easy. If they were everyone would be rich. However, if you start now and become dedicated and goal oriented, you will be successful and rich one day. The first step is to simply decide that you will be successful. This will most likely include education (both formal and informal) and alot of hard work.1

  25. The only people who get rich are the ones writing the books.

  26. No. If they did, then everybody would be rich, wouldn’t they?

  27. They do for the Author…

  28. Dude,Hard work, a good original idea, and perseverance are the only surefire ways to get to the top – and even then, there are no guarantees. Infomercials do offer success stories, for bit-part actors who are playing the roles of “real people who became successful.” Don’t believe it.

  29. thats really retarted making a promise like’s very shallow of your ADOPTIVE mother to expect something like that from u…SHowbiz is suppose to be a hobby or a career but dont use Hollywood for fame and money ur suppose to love the theatre and love acting like performing love the audiences reactions and hear them laugh,cry get angry at the villian,I doubt that many people become rich. The one who might become rich is the one who wrote the book.

  30. All such books are a blatant lie and they never work on anybody. Other way round, they authors of such books do end up rich with millions of dollars received from sales….One way to “Become Filthy Rich” without working too hard is to write & sell an absurd book explaining how easy it is, wouldn’t you think?those sort of books can be helpful, they usually have a lot of tips you can think of using, but if they actually ‘work’ I think that really depends on a lot of other factors.. the book is a good starting point though

  31. The quality reply is sure, however it might be unwise to assume writing for sustenance. If you do it as a interest, and even avocationally, you can also finally produce a product so we can enflame the general public’s brain and, accordingly, make you a few cash; maintain in brain, even though, that the possibilities of this are infinitesimal, and there are a high-quality quantity of very gifted individuals who’ve written for a well at the same time with out a pecuniary reimbursement. If you desire a blueprint for making thousands writing books, I consider the reports of Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling might be the quality to study.

  32. I think I am going to buy the book for myself. I don’t think it a joke.

  33. Only if you write your own and sell a bunch

  34. the book is a good starting point though..

  35. lucky genes, inheritance, famous movie star, successful business, lottery, crime(they usually lose money if big time) or work and save. most people are not rich.

  36. If love was measured in wealth, we would be the richest family in the world.Hope this helps and good luck!

  37. Almost none at all. Think about it – the best way to wealth is to NOT let everyone in on the secret (whatever it is). If everyone knew it, then there would be no wealthy, only equally distributed wealth.Good luck and God bless!

  38. There is no “magic secret” in this book; wealth comes to those who earn more than they spend and invest the difference, either in stocks or in great business ideas. And I won’t even charge you $29.97 for that paragraph, you can have it for free!

  39. A good way to make alot of money and be successful is to put other people, things, money, investments etc to work for you. This is how people truly become rich and successful. You can only do so much by yourself but when you compound your efforts, you see incredible effects.Invent something and hope it becomes popular and useful and bam just like that companies will call you to work with them and to showcase your product and sign cotracts with them and thats how you become rich 😀

  40. I can help you get started working with Google’s Adsense program on the internet if you want. I make good money with it, and it is extremely easy! Email me if you want more info!

  41. Putting people to work for you – Why do employees get paid money. Good owners won’t pay employees unless the employees are bringing more value and income into the business than what they are being paid. This is only logical but still very powerful. Good business owners make alot of money because they have alot of employees making more money than what they are costing the owner.Jordan Belfort (especially).The fact is, many don’t get to the nub, of what makes wealth, and that is efficiency, and being well organised.Rich people don’t save money they invest and save. Poor people work pay bills and continue the cycle of poverty forever. The only harsh truth is many rich folk are simply born in into it. This doesn’t guarantee them success but Donald trump was born rich, He learned the real estate business and and gained much natural talent but he had tons of cash to get started win lose its a game to the rich really! The rich are educated and wealthy they do not work they own real estate and many other type business slash corp. The class system in the world is what is holding people back not the will to work hard because the rich really dont work hard they worklmao!! screw the monday, go after experience,

  42. Giving of yourself in charitable endeavors will give you a very rich life.Dale Carnegiefor the years of your young life suffer by not eating out or buying things you honestly do not need…maybe start your own small business like a cleaning service or something whatever you can think of….ALWAYS take the pain of clipping coupons and using them along with giftcards…invest wisely in the stock market…and don’t waste time dreaming about and reading all those trash books about “how i became rich quick” just go out there and do it

  43. Becoming rich takes a long time. you need to be really intelligent about finacea and the banks. you need to have connectiona and know how to save money and run buissinesses. Winning the lotto is the only way to become rich instantly but that evebtually wears off.

  44. Putting money and investments to work for you – The ultimate way to become rich even on a modest income is to put away money each and every month that will eventually make you a ton of money. This is the beauty of compounding interest. Once the money that you save makes you more every year than your day job, you are truly doing well.yeah, have crack, take drugs and weed…………………….the most easiest way to becum rich !!!!

  45. Determination may be very handy, however essentially the most handy factor is innate precise skillability of a stellar order, plus tons and tons of rough paintings and train. It’s identical to the ancient funny story: “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” “Practice!” I wish you’re taking track courses and dealing very rough at them.

  46. How you can become Rich.. If you figure it out let the rest of us know… Work your butt off or win the lottery

  47. I have never read the book But when you think about it has real possibilities. pay your bills and learn to differentiate between need and want and go start reexamining need and saving the extra money let say one saves 10 dollar a week that 5.20 per year in 40 years when 20,800. I guarantee you one thing you will look a t need in a new light.

  48. People aren’t rich because they don’t think like the wealthy. These books cost 25 bucks who cares 25 dollars is pennies.

  49. Learn a trade, and STOP WANTING SO MUCH.

  50. An old one I can recommend is ~How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling~ by Frank Bettger, I came across this, when on a site dedicated to promoting websites and how to write good copy to go on websites, which is surprising considering the book was 1st published in 1949, it is still in print and regarded as a classic.

  51. Let me give you some examples[DELDUP()]John C. MaxwellMaxwell MaltzThey work for the AUTHOR of the book only.

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