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How Many Books Are There In The Dork Diaries Series

Just Some Random Questions For You Guys ‘Cause I’m Bored.

Hello!So, recently i’ve discovered I get bored too easily and to fix it, I’m writing a bunch of questions for you guys to answer. Just something to do.1) Who’s your favourite super hero?Na na na na na na na na Batman! XD2) What’s your fav TV show?This is slightly embarrassing but…

1) Spider-man , Iron-man and I know I have another one but I can’t think…2) Inbetweeners, Misfits, Being Human, Vampire Diaries…3) Goosebump ones and Jacqueline Wilson ones.4) OMG! Crescendo is so much better than Hush Hush, it’s amazing! I’m reading Forsaken: The Demon Trappers – it’s a good read but the main girl has at least 3 guys lusting over her (omg, what a shocker in books today), and she is bossy and stubborn. But, it picks up a load of points because it kept me page turning. Also, again, I feel sorry for the bad boy in it (I always do) who everyone seems to hate – again. Hence why I love Jace, Patch, Damon….5) Blue Bloods and I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill you , they both cracked me. They were so boring and pointless. I buy my books, and I hardly ever just give up on it because I force myself to read it since I bought it.6) Um…I dunno, any really – apart from the hunger games because I love food too much.7) Well now that I saw worm underneath it….then worm. The second , which I absolutely abhor, is creases in the paperback spine . I hate it! pahaha8) My garden9) Over a hundred, I’m a vamp after all.10) JAKE SULLY!!! Omfg , you love him too? Ahh! Jace and Patch and Damon too!

Am I a geek, a nerd, or a dork.

My name is Lua, my interests are listening to Karen Carpenter (Recently), The Seekers, Beatles occasionally, watching classic series of Thomas the Tank Engine (New series I am okay with, but the old ones are better), watching Whose Line is it Anyway?, drawing anime/manga, doodling, daydreaming, writing fan…

Hello there friend. I live in Indonesia too. Moved here about 3 years ago. Before, I lived in America almost all my life– but I am 100% Indonesian. Or so at least my parents are, lol. I truly hate it when people mistaken Muslims as terrorists or whatever, seriously. Islam is like any other religion there is in this world. And I know myself too that Islam is the most popular religion here in Indonesia, and also some other Asian countries like Malaysia. So are you guys like saying all Muslims in this world are freaking terrorists? Heck no! Even if they wanted to make all this as jokes, it ain’t funny, don’tcha agree?So anyway, your question is: “Am I a geek, a nerd, or a dork?”Uh.. don’t think you’re any of it. Honestly I didn’t read much of your writings, but yeah I read some of em. We do have a lot in common. Kinda.Many people consider these three words as the same meanings. They don’t, really. They are usually used for insults though. The differences between a geek, a nerd, and a dork (as far as I know) are:1. Geeks are considered as smart people that usually focus more on technology.2. Nerds are unattractive, above-average intelligent people.3. A “dork” is the most ouchies out of the three. It’s the biggest insult compared to that of “geek” and “nerd.” Search it up in the dictionary– even the dictionary says dorks are stupid people. And to make matters worse, dorks usually assume themselves cool.So there you have it. The difference between the three. Look at yourself, you’re none of these. You’re great just how you are. And no matter what people say about you, you just need to think positive. :]

I survived series

books that are similar to.

I love reading 🙂 Call me a dork, whatever, it just entertains & relaxes me when I’ve had a long day. SO I want to read some more books. Here’s a list of books I’ve read/loved lately, suggest anything similar ?? I know there’s kinda a lot [they are all good so read them] so try not to name anything…

t Had To Be You by Cecily von ZiegesarGossip Girl by Cecily von ZiegesarYou Know You Love Me by Cecily von ZiegesarAll I Want Is Everything by Cecily von ZiegesarBecause I’m Worth It by Cecily von ZiegesarI Like It Like That by Cecily von ZiegesarYou’re the One That I Want by Cecily von ZiegesarNobody Does It Better by Cecily von ZiegesarNothing Can Keep Us Together by Cecily von ZiegesarOnly in Your Dreams by Cecily von ZiegesarWould I Lie to You? by Cecily von ZiegesarDon’t You Forget About Me by Cecily von Ziegesar————————————–…The luxe by Anna GodbersenRumours by Anna GodbersenEnvy by Anna Godbersen————————————–…The Princess Diaries, Volume I by Meg CabotVolume II: Princess in the Spotlight by Meg CabotVolume III: Princess in Love by Meg CabotVolume IV: Princess in Waiting by Meg CabotVolume IV: Project Princess by Meg CabotVolume V: Princess in Pink by Meg CabotVolume VI: Princess in Training by Meg CabotVolume VI and 1/2: The Princess Present by Meg CabotVolume VII: Party Princess by Meg CabotVolume VII and 1/2: Sweet Sixteen Princess by Meg CabotVolume VII and 3/4: Valentine Princess by Meg CabotVolume VIII: Princess on the Brink by Meg CabotVolume IX: Princess Mia by Meg CabotVolume X: Forever Princess by Meg Cabot————————————–…Shadowland- Love you to Death by Meg CabotNinth Key- High Stakes, by Meg CabotReunion- Mean Spirits, by Meg CabotDarkest Hour- Young Blood, by Meg CabotHaunted- Grave Doubts, by Meg CabotTwilight- Heaven Sent. by Meg Cabot————————————–…The sookie stackhouse by Charlaine HarrisEver night by Claudia GayVacations from hell by Libba Bray, Cassandra Clare, Claudia Gray, Maureen Johnson, and Sarah MlynowskiBeastly by Alex FinnWicked Lovely by Melissa MarrThe Upstairs Room by Johanna ReissScorpions by Walter Dean MyersProm Nights from Hell by Meg Cabot, Stephenie Meyer, Kim Harrison, Lauren Myracle, Michele JaffeWings by Aprilynne PikeInk Exchange by Melissa MarrLove Is Hell by Scott Westerfeld, Melissa Marr, Justine Larbalestier, Gabrielle Zevin, Laurie Faria StolarzVamps by Nancy A. CollinsThe Secret Circle: The Initiation and The Captive Part I by L. J. SmithWondrous Strange by Lesley LivingstonEmily the Strange: The Lost Days by Rob Regers, Jessica GrunerOnce Dead, Twice Shy by Kim HarrisonThe Awakening by Kelley ArmstrongRadiant Darkness by Emily WhitmanFreaked by J. T. DuttonWake by Lisa McmannFor a Few Demons More by Kim HarrisonFade by Lisa McmannKissing Kate by Lauren MyracleDead Witch Walking by Kim HarrisonRhymes With Witches by Lauren MyracleHow to Be Bad by Lauren Myracle, Sarah Mlynowski and E. LockhartDead Witch Walking by Kim HarrisonThe Fashion Disaster that Changed My Life by Lauren MyracleThe Good, the Bad, and the Undead by Kim HarrisonEvery Which Way But Dead by Kim HarrisonA Fistful of Charms by Kim HarrisonL..A.Candy by Lauren ConradThe Outlaw Demon Wails by Kim HarrisonWhite Witch, Black Curse by Kim Harrison

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42 thoughts on “How Many Books Are There In The Dork Diaries Series

  1. You are a terrorist living in Indonesia.

  2. 5) I don’t remeber what it’s called. It’s some book with a girl in a big poofy dress on the front.

  3. 10. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings, and basically any military guy in any movie. I’m rather partial to the Marines. Can’t resist a man in uniform (which is probably why I married one)

  4. 2)What I Like About You, America’s Next Top Model, oh and Disney… (i know I am really weird…)

  5. 5) What book did you read the first few pages and just quit?4) What book are you currently reading?

  6. 2) What’s your fav TV show?10)GALE FROM THE HUGNER GAME! i’d be like hey sexy;)

  7. Books to Quench your Twilight Thirst Thirsty M.T. Anderson Ironside: A Modern Faerie Tale Holly Black Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale Holly Black Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie Holly Black A Great and Terrible Beauty Libba Bray Road of the Dead Kevin Brooks Jinx Meg Cabot The Morganville Vampires Series Rachel Caine The Wereling Series Stephen Cole Monster Blood Tattoo Series D.M. Cornish Masquerade: A Blue Bloods Novel Melissa de la Cruz Outlands Trilogy Jackie French Inkheart Series Cornelia Funke Stardust Neil Gaiman Rise of the Blood Moon Alan Gibbons Magic or Madness Series Justine Larbalestier Sunshine Robin McKinley Sevenwaters Trilogy Juliet Marillier Vampire Academy Series Richelle Mead Blood Sinister Celia Rees Vampire Kisses Ellen Schreiber The Demonata Series Darren Shan Dracula Bram Stoker The Last Days Scott Westerfeld Midnighters Series Scott Westerfeld Peeps Scott Westerfeld Poison Chris Wooding Elsewhere Gabrielle Zevin

  8. 8)my phone plug, the mouse, and a towel

  9. 9) 22Any series or novels from those authors. They all write under a similar theme, dealing with vampires, werewolves, etc.

  10. 4. I’m not reading anything. If I read, I don’t put enough time into my writing, and I’m trying to finish my novel before baby gets here.2) What’s your favorite TV show?

  11. My dog, sleeping! Shhh…~ My cat….6. Definitely Lord of the Rings. It would be crazy and scary and wickedly awesome and exciting.3) I remember reading Look, There’s My Hat! by Maureen Roffey. I still have it actually, but it’s missing the cover!

  12. 7) What’s the first word that comes to mind when I say Book?

  13. Barney Stinson from the TV show How I Met Your Mother and Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice xD

  14. Spiderman, I guess…

  15. 2. Teen Mom. Its a guilty pleasure. In my defense though, I am 32 weeks pregnant so being a mom and babies are really on my mind lately.6) I’d have to say Hermione…

  16. Page? Haha.Hm, Gifted by Nikita Lalwani.8) My bedroom door, some bags ready to go to the op shop, a box of books, clothes on the floor. Good question!

  17. 7. Pen. Random…

  18. 6) If you could choose to jump into a single book and become a main character in it, which book would you choose?

  19. 4) I’m currently reading The Obernewtyn Chronicles.9. 20I’m bored too!

  20. 5. This book we had to read in school. The Chosen. I just didn’t like it and didn’t feel much like trying.

  21. 1) Who’s your favourite super hero?9)why do you care?8. My notebook with my story in it (because I have to handwrite everything first.)

  22. 3. Where the Wild Things Are. I love Max, he’s such a bad a**

  23. 8) What do you see when you look to the right of yourself?7) After reading your answer, I thought of “worm” too.~ I didn’t really read as a kid, my mother read to me. =)the night world series by L.j. smith? it’s about vampires and all that. the first is alright but the rest which follow it are better. 1-9 (but their quick to finish) the 10th might be coming out this year.

  24. 9) How old are you?I turned seventeen yesterday! 😀

  25. ummmm…..ur..a muslim

  26. [/DELDUP]6) idk

  27. 3) What book do you remember reading the most as a kid, or having read to you? (age 0-5)3) What book do you remember reading the most as a kid, or having read to you? (age 0-5)[DELDUP()]1) Who’s your favorite super hero?~ I would say Harry Potter, but I don’t want to be Harry!

  28. The Buried Life, How I Met Your Mother, Two And a Half Men and The Vampire diaries!

  29. 3)Miss Spider books7) What’s the first word that comes to mind when I say Book?

  30. None, I’m sticking to textbooks for a while. :<4) What book are you currently reading?10) Final question. Who's your fictional crush from any book, movie, comic, manga, TV series. Anything.1. I like batman too.

  31. ~ Pages1) I’ve never really been interested in Superheros, but I like Spiderman.~ Twilight, I read almosy the entire first chapter but then I gave up on it.

  32. 7) you just really like books dontcha?

  33. You should read novels by Anne Rice, Katie MacAllister, Lauren Hamilton, Christine Feehan, James Havoc, Clive Barker.8) What do you see when you look to the right of yourself?~ Ritsuka♥

  34. ~ I don’t really watch TV, but I’ll have to say Bones.

  35. 6) If you could choose to jump into a single book and become a main character in it, which book would you choose?2) My favourite TV show of all time is Six Feet Under followed closely by Charmed and Avatar: The Last Airbender :P5) There have been several books I’ve put down after the first few pages, but the one I remember most is Lolita. Only slightly disturbed.This IS tricky. I’d want to be a Mary Sue, so I get everything! Mwahaha! xD

  36. ~ Human Torch

  37. ~ Seventeen

  38. 4)I’m not reading a book at the current time, cause I haven’t gotten a chance to go to the library recently. but i just finished the Hunger Games series(:

  39. ~ Dante’s Inferno

  40. 5) What book did you read the first few pages and just quit?1)would the transformers count?

  41. 10) Hmm, fictional crush… Jack from Titanic…?

  42. 10) Final question. Who’s your fictional crush from any book, movie, comic, manga, TV series. Anything!9) How old are you?Rapunzel!reading is like tv in your head isn’t it

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