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How To Return Rented Books To Chegg

which is the best website to rent textbooks.

im a current college student i dont want to pay hunderds of dollars on textbooks that i will most likely not even use. So my question is where or which is the best website to rent textbooks. i Looked up if you have some experience with this site please tell me how it went. Also, if you have a different…

I’ve used Chegg before and was completely satisfied with the experience. I saved about 80-90% off of bookstore prices to purchase three textbooks. My books arrived in good condition, and the box was small enough to store easily in my dorm room. Printing out and attaching the return shipping label was easy and I didn’t run into any problems returning them.That said, the best website to rent (or buy) a textbook is wherever you can find that book for the cheapest. Shop around a bit. Get a list of the books you need and check several websites; I look on Chegg, Amazon, Half, and Books-a-Million (mostly for novels but sometimes I can find actual textbooks on there; they have links to third-party sellers with used books for cheaper). This semester, I bought two books from Amazon and one from Half; last semester, I bought all of my books from Amazon.Buying vs renting – if you rent, it’s easier to get rid of books you don’t need anymore because you have to return them. If you buy, especially if you take the time to look around a little, you can potentially get the book for cheaper than a rental and can then sell the book to another student for less than what they’d pay at the bookstore and still make a profit.

Where is the cheapest place to buy textbooks.

Online versions are great too..

I dont know why you would buy a text book when you could rent. You see this is my second year of college and the first year I spent around a thousand dollars on books. Then a friend of mine showed me how to save over 80% on these books. She introduced me to witch is basically a site where you rent a book for a semester and return them at the end of the samester. you dont pay shiping in both cases.. it comes with a resend package. You also save 10% when you use this promotion code CC116176. Please say thanks. This year I rented all my books and I only ended up spending only $337.

How to get free audible books without credit card

Best time to buy college textbooks.

I already rented 3/9 books on Chegg for $60 (saving me $140), but I don’t want to order the rest from the school bookstore (a remaining $272) until I know that I actually NEED them for class. However, I don’t want to wait too late and then have the bookstore run out. When do is the best time to actually get…

I would recommend buying your books ASAP, but I wouldn’t recommend buying them from the college bookstore. Unless something has only just come out, there will be used copies available online. The longer you wait, the more expensive buying your books used online will be, because other people will take the least expensive copies. If it turns out you don’t need a particular book, you can sell it online to someone else, probably for not much less than you paid for it, and even though you’d lose money for every book that you decide you don’t need (and don’t want to read), you’d save money for every book that you really do need.But if you’re planning to buy from your bookstore and you have the money or credit, I would still buy them early – I would find out how long you have to return books (in the same condition you bought them in), and then buy the books so that, whichever day is the first day of class for the class that starts after all the others have begun, I could still return the books on the day after that. Things may have changed since my day (which was pre-internet), but at least when I was in college, the best used copies of books went first, and all of the used copies went pretty fast. After that, we had to pay the usual price for a new book. So if we wanted used books, it was worth buying them as soon as possible.Whatever you decide to do, I hope you get good prices.

Is suppose to charge full price on reciept for a rented textbook.

I’ve just received a rented textbook at the door and the receipt listed the full price of the textbook. My Chegg account and bank statement listed the rented price with shipping and tax fee.Is my receipt wrong?

no, they want to make sure you know how much you will be charged if the book is damaged or not returned when it is supposed to be returned

Textbook Rentals Help.

So I just rented a few textbooks online since it is so much cheaper. I was wondering, how do I get a refund if I don’t need the book anymore because of course drops and changes? They only said that I should return the book to them, and they will give me a refund. But would they send me a check in the mail or…

Each book rental site has their own policy. It makes it a little complicated since you rented from a bunch of sites, so hopefully you only need to return books to one site. Some sites charge re-stocking fees, some don’t. Some let you return them within 7 days, some in 30 days. So it really depends. I recommend checking out this article because it will have the return policies for those sites all in one place:

How much of a refund will I receive on a book I rented for a semester from

Can anyone help me out?

You have 30 days to return a book for a full refund if you rented from Chegg.If you’re returning it at the end of the semester, you won’t get any refund.

how long can u keep a rented book from

its my first time using it! help:( like how many days can you have the book before sending it back and how do u send it back too?


What is the best site to rent book from.

Hi, I am currently going to Phoenix College and decided I wanted to rent my books this semester to save money. My school has some books available to rent but not all. I was checking out some sites and the prices were really cheap but i feel as though there might be a catch. So what are some sites that are very…

There’s no catch to renting books. You just have to make sure you send them in on time and don’t damage them. Chegg is a popular site, but I think other book rental sites are cheaper. I would recommend checking out this article to help find a book rental site that’s good for you: If I were you, I think I’d go with the first option.

Renting Books for First Time Questions.

1) How long do books usually ship when buying online? 3-4 business days? There a difference between buying books and renting them in shipping days or shipping fees?2) For renting books, I return the said book to the same address before the date? Do I send it back to the user whom is selling it off amazon or…

1 – They should give you an estimated ship time. I think chegg right now is charging 4.99 for 3-4 business day. I ordered mine yesterday & it confirmed to ship same day.2 – I have only rented through chegg, so I am not familiar with any other companies. Keep the box that the book was shipped in. When you are ready to return it, you just log back in & print the shipping label. All you have to do after that is drop it at a UPS store. Shipping back has already been paid for. If you bought the book, there is no need to return it to anyone.3 – As stated before, I never used bigwords. I normally just price compare on my own to verify that all the information is correct and they are giving the best option for supplemental materials.

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  1. im a current college student i dont want to pay hunderds of dollars on textbooks that i will most likely not even use. So my question is where or which is the best website to rent textbooks. i Looked up if you have some experience with this site please tell me how it went. Also, if you…

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  3. log om to anf see if you as a college student can get two-day delivery

  4. which is the best website to rent textbooks?

  5. I would try out; they are a comparison search engine for textbook rentals! You can check out dozens of sites side by side to make sure that you get the best price. Personally, I prefer; they usually offer pretty good prices, plus right now you can use the coupon code “K7234” to get 10% off!

  6. They will send the amount through cheque.

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  8. I buy from They will often give you a guaranteed buyback price. You’ll need to consider not only how much it costs but what you can get back for it after you are done with the class. Don’t buy at your college’s bookstore. They’ll burn you on the sellback.

  9. This Site Might Help You.

  10. Well this semester I’m also renting a large number of my books from Chegg, (only cost $170, saving me approx. $300), but I’ll have to purchase a access code from Amazon that’ll cost me another $87 and then I have manuals for lab that I can only buy at the bookstore and a book for Accounting that can also only be bought at the bookstore. In the past, I’ve always bought my books after classes have begun, like literally, after I’m done with classes for the day, I’ll go to the bookstore to purchase my books. If anything, you’ll need your books within the first week so don’t delay too long.

  11. NONE. they all cost a fortune. you should rent them instead from a place like you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

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  13. For the DVD’s easily (study the FBI warning factor that everybody ignores in the beginning up of all movies.) The books i’m much less beneficial approximately, yet I also have a feeling it is likewise no longer legal. study the copyright website in the beginning up of the e book.

  14. Websites To Rent College Textbooks

  15. Chegg seems to be a good website. However, there is another alternative to renting textbooks if you want to save money. Submit them to Xoob ( This website just got launched, but needs people like you to post your unwanted books on there and spread the word (such as on Facebook) to get started. If enough people add their books there, then you could just swap books for free, and get the textbooks you may need in the future for free.

  16. When you start your course all of the students in the year above will put up signs to sell theirs from last year! To be honest, don’t buy loads of textbooks. Unless you actually need it to take and use in every lesson don’t bother. We found that most were written by the lecturers and we never used them. When it comes to your assignments get to the library first and borrow them from the long loan (3 weeks) section. Any others not available reserve them. Then if it comes to your date being up and you can’t renew them on-line as others have reserved them you just don’t take them back, the fines are so stupidly low (except the short loan section) that the fines will cost you nothing compared to buying the books to start with!

  17. I recommend

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