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How To Run Two Log Books

I took my daughter out of high school two days ago how much time do i legally have to start homeschooling her.

she is a freshman and we live in missouri. we have a couple things for her to start with but i would much rather order a set of all the books she will need his year, but i can’t so that until the beginning of next month. i don’t want to get in trouble by the state for not educating her but putting her back…

The first time you homeschool in Missouri, you have 30 days. For all subsequent years, you must file by September 1st.BUT…It is at tricky situation though, because under law, filing is optional. That means that in some parts of the state where school officials agree with homeschooling, filing is probably going to be the best route, but in other parts of the state, if officials do not like homeschooling, then filing might compromise your family’s privacy and make you more likely to be investigated for educational neglect,It is a weird law. Look it up. Mo. Ann. Stat. ยง 167.042. really think the best thing for you to do is to find someone local in your school district who homeschools and ask them what the homeschool climate is like there. Do a search for ‘homeschool’ and list your ‘school district’ and ‘town.’One thing to consider that is generally true all over: When you have been enrolled in a school, you need to dis-enroll or withdraw legally according to the policies of the school you were attending. Seeing how they respond to that will give you a good idea of whether or not you need to file.There are many other things you must do. Record keeping, subjects that must be taught, and hours that must be logged, so be sure to read and reread your Missouri law until you understand it. But for now, since you took her out two days ago, you have 28 days left to get everything up and running.

how to deal with bullying.

i get bullied everyday. i’ve had my bag emptied, reversed, books ruined, lunchbox broken 3 times, calculator smashed and items stolen like money, wallet, pens and other stationary. I’ve had people punch, kick, slap, spit and at one time urinate on me at all different times. I sit at the front of the class…

I’m trying to figure out what you could possibly be doing to attract so much negative attention . I understand it happening at 1 school but 3! . If you start at a new school -keep your head down don’t rise to any negative attention as bullies enjoy getting a reaction . Ignore any petty bullying-just laugh it off and they will see you can take a joke,if someone pushes you or hits you hit them back harder(only in self defense-never strike first) don’t get into slanging matches just show you aren’t a pushover.Be more assertive-stand up to the bullies even if it is staring them out while they try to intimidate you-don’t show any fear ever! Find some good friends. Avoid areas of the school at certain times when you know you could get into trouble by walking them alone. If you have to hit anyone hit the biggest bully in front of his friends if you can but only if you can do it without making things worse. Free christian audio books

How can a person be smart when he hasn’t read any book or gone to a school in his entire life.

Wisdom. My grandpa was born in 1889 and lived in a log cabin with no running water and rode a horse to school. He dropped out of school after the third grade because that was the norm back then. In the late 1970’s I was going to college and I came home one weekend and I asked my girl friend (now my wife) for some help with the questions and my grandpa could answer every question I had. He just listened instead of talking to everyone. On his 104th birthday he told me two things I will never forget, 1. The worst part of being this old is you have to watch all your loved ones die and 2. I have never been to a doctor or a hospital because I will die if I ever go to one. My Grandpa died 6 months later 2 days after he was check into the hospital from a staph infection he received at the hospital.

How can I copy/send my Contact list, including Voice, to another of my accounts (can’t be logged concurrently)

I have a Yahoo! account (WesPoteet) with an extensive contact list and address book, including many telephone numbers. I have a second Yahoo! account (Wesiderata) with which I would like to share the contact list/address book. I cannot use Send My Messenger List because I cannot have both accounts logged on at…

You don’t need to be logged on with two accounts simultaneously to send your contact list via Messenger. The request to send the list will be there, like an offline message, when you log in to the second ID. Just like when you first added them, your contacts will all have to approve being added to your second ID and will be able to deny.However that’s only your Messenger contacts, I’m not sure if it will accomplish sending your address book information too. You may have to go into your address book and export it, most likely as a .csv file, then sign out, sign in to the other account, go to your address book and import the file.

How many books are publish in a novel’s first printing.

As above what’s the average amount of books printed in its first run before the second and third etcetera? While at it is there any specific logging areas set aside for books and the how much quantity is use?

It varies. Small presses are likely to publish very few books, like maybe 5,000. Larger houses are able to publish books in the hundred thousands. How big a book’s printing is depends on several factors, including how many the publisher thinks it will sell. If they think the book will sell like hot cakes then they’ll print a lot. If they don’t see it selling too well then they might print something like 40,000 for a first run. Keep in mind that most books don’t get a second printing, believe it or not.

my mac book says java is not running any tips on how to get it running again.

I used to use firefox but after having some annoying problems with people not getting my facebook messages I have switched over to Chrome. Things are working fine now except my java is not working and so I can not check my net-bank. Any tips on how to get it working. it says something like I have to give it…

Huh? Your MacBook says? No, not possible. Who is saying this? Maybe a website? It is not likely any real bank uses Java, since it is a known security issue. Typically, Java is related to running additional software, such as online games. Javascript is another matter. It is unrelated to Java. Javascript is always enabled by default in all web browsers, since about half of websites use it for linking nowadays.Which OS version? Remember: Everything except hardware is software, so the OS is the basic software, so tell WHAT IT IS.For OS 10.7 or later, Java is not installed at all. To install Java on OS 10.7 to 10.7.5, open Java (In Finder, go to the top menu bar > Utilities).To install Java for OS 10.8 or later, see the second link below.To enable Java in Chrome, see the 3rd link below.To enable Javascript in Chrome, see the last link below. NOTE: If you have installed any extensions / plugins in Chrome, those can interfere with Javascript. For that, either make changes in that extension / plugin’s options / preferences or uninstall the extension / plugin.

What is the rule for having 7 days prior in your log book if you’ve taken time off at home.

I have always thought that when you’ve taken enough time off at home to reset your 70 hours, that you did not have to have the last 7 days in your log book for a dot officer to inspect.

You have to have an up dated log book for the last 30 days if asked when you are stopped by a DOT officer.If you have been off for awhile then take a log sheet and just put down what days you have been off and do a restart.. say off duty 10 days and draw a line in the off duty column and put your days in the date space. They want to know what you have been doing and if you are not hiding anything then just write down what you have been doing. On your 34 hr restart then draw your 34 hours on the off duty line the first 24 then the next page then do 12 hours and then start your day then.You do not need a 7 day restart. Just show time off duty and show your recap should be where you can drive again fresh with taking time off duty.If you go on a vacation just draw a line on the 24 off duty and state how many days off duty and you are fresh to go again. The officer can not go back futher then 7 days to count your hrs on or off duty thats why some drivers always started a new log book with a 7 day off duty because that stops the officer from going any futher on their log book.Just try to be current in all that you do and their are some drivers who still run two logs on leagal and the other for the officer to read and its legal to the officer who is reading it. I have done this kind of trucking for 26 years and never got a log book ticket at all and I ran by myself for years and ran fast trucks and just as far as I could drive then I would shut it down and start another log book. Now a days you best to do it legal the best you can and you will do just fine.

How to fix dns error on net book..

I have a v-net net book and it is running windows CE. When ever i turn it on at home it says i am connected (Wireless) I cannot access any web pages. Again it says connected signal strength excellent. When ever i bring up internet explorer it says cannot find server or DNS error.

Hello Chris:We need a little more information about how and where you’re trying to connect, in order to properly diagnose and/or troubleshoot your problem here. Example–are you only having trouble connecting on your home wireless network, or are you having trouble connecting to wireless networks everywhere?Assuming that you have access you your home wireless access point (WAP)–or “router”–plug your net book into an available ethernet port there, and see if you can access the internet through a wired connection, then that’s one less possible problem area.Because you’re getting excellent signal strength, the problem is either with your WAP or with your net book. Using the command prompt, type (in sequence); ipconfig/release and then ipconfig/renew. Then see if you have internet access.If that doesn’t work, try a simple reset on the router–by turning it off (either using the switch or unplugging it–if it doesn’t have a switch), waiting ten seconds and then powering it back on.If neither of these solutions work, try seeing if your net book will logon successfully wirelessly at another wireless location (i.e. school, work or a free WiFi “hot spot”). If your net book can log on successfully at another location, then you’ve narrowed-down the problem to the router; and you may have to reset the router to factory conditions and reconfigure your wireless router security.Consult your WAP’s manual on how to do this. If you don’t have the manual (or can’t find it); go to the manufacturer’s website and look up your WAP by model name.Hope this helps, and good luck.

Advice on Running Log.

I have decided to make a running log but i do not know what to include in it. Please give me advice to the information you think i could put into it and keep track of. If you have any examples you could post them too!Thanks

Eddie, a good running log is really your own story on running, starring YOU in the title role.There are a lot of things you may wish to track as you go along, and some of them are probably pretty obvious: Course, time, weather, time of day are all very common.However, you may also want to keep tabs on your weight, both before and after your runs. Why? Because, let’s say you’ve just run 10 miles on a hot day. Water replacement is important! So, if you weigh 170 at the start of the run, and 165 at the end, did you really lose 5 pounds of fat? Sorry to say, but that’s impossible. What you’ve lost is water weight, which you must replace.Perhaps a good lesson I can give you comes out of my own training logs. I was in the final stages of preparing for a marathon, and did a 23 mile training run indoors, on a treadmill. I weighed in just before the run, and then right after. In between, I drank almost a quart of water and a quart of Gatorade. In spite of taking in all that liquid, I was still down by 4 pounds from my starting weight. Now, perhaps a half pound of that would have been fat, but not much more. It was obvious that I had to drink another 3-4 pounds of water in order to recover what I had sweat out.A few hours later, my weight was right back where it belonged.Another item to track would be the mileage for your running shoes. This is especially important if you are wisely using two pair of shoes. Keep tabs of how many miles for that pair of shoes on that day, adding it up as you go along. Once you reach 400-500 miles with any pair of running shoes, go throw them into the Goodwill bin. They are really not good for running beyond that.One more thought: If you keep a good log, you will be able to look back on your running, and learn from it. For example, if you get injured often, does it happen when your weekly mileage gets above a certain point? You may notice that you’ve increased your mileage by much more than you should (from one week to the next), and that can lead to injuries. If your quads are sore, perhaps you ran too hard on yesterday’s hill workout, especially on the downhill stretches.One final item to add would be your true resting pulse rate. When your clock wakes you in the morning, wait a minute or two and then check your pulse. As long as it’s within range of your normal resting pulse, you are okay. However, if it’s significantly above your normal resting pulse, that means your body is tired, and that a day off from running would be a good idea. However, always note that first resting pulse in your log book so you can look back on what you’ve done. It is literally impossible to remember all of the details of everything, and that’s why a good log is so important.Good luck, and good running!P.S. There are many good log books that can be found in the major book stores. Take a look at some of them, and then see what you can download from the Internet.

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36 thoughts on “How To Run Two Log Books

  1. You should join HomeSchool Legal Defense Association (HSDLA). They are in-expensive and will help you if you ever get pestered by public schools. They give lists of what is required for each state as well…Good luck. I’m homeschooled and have been forever. I love every minute of it!

  2. Internet, as long as you stay out of the weird bits.

  3. If a neighbour’s then you won’t.

  4. Also, I wouldn’t fight back if they were in a group, unless I had a weapon (not a deadly weapon ofcourse).

  5. The link below goes into more detail and points out the most important chunks of data to track. It also links to a a very good free log you can download.

  6. When I was younger I use to bully this kid, one day he sprayed smelly stuff on me and ran, the other day he punched me in the face hard. I stopped bullying him, now I understand that I was a jerk to him and I got what I deserved.

  7. A training log is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can own as a runner. If you don’t have anything solid to look back at, you won’t get an accurate concept of where your progress stands. It is also essential for planning ahead.

  8. Usually only a few thousand if it’s a poorly-known author.

  9. As many as the publisher thinks can be sold in a reasonable amount of time.

  10. First they undertaking approximately writing a powerful e book with a gripping plot line and eye-catching characters. Then they polish it, edit it, revise it (repeat as needed). inspite of each and every thing it fairly is finished THEN they undertaking approximately getting it revealed. at the same time as they are attempting to get the 1st one revealed, they artwork on their next e book.

  11. gives you a online training log for free. You just create a user account and start putting in your running workouts. It’s a great way of analyzing your data.

  12. You need to either fight back or seriously go to the principle and your parents and tell them everything, show them your book. If your parents or principle doesn’t do anything, fight back. If they punch you, punch harder, grab an object and hit them back hard. They pick on you because they know you wont fight back, you need to show them you CAN. Even if there bigger than you hit them back.Depends. If it’s an established author who has sold multiple bestsellers, then they might print millions in the first printing. If it’s an author’s first book, they might only print a few thousand.

  13. Trees are logged in various countries but they are not separated out. They are shipped to different business often after being processed into wood planks, paper, toothpicks or whatever.

  14. You only need 34 hours to reset the 70 hour clock. In my recap, I signify a restart by placing a star in the lines where I would normally put the hours worked. When adding my recap, I know everything above the star needs not be counted.

  15. Damn dude i could never imagine letting this **** happen to me. You gotta stand up for yourself man and i dont mean writing in your little book then getting a big *** gun and blowing them all away. Im talkin start to man up and hit the gym get a punching bag take some mma lessons or something i mean **** how long has this been going on? how old are you? Im pretty sure most ppl are gonna say tell the authorities which is what u should prolly do cuz seriuosly getting peed on is ****** nasty man but in the meantime seriously start lifting weights and fight back with all you got when these punks do this to u. I wouldnt blame u for going crazy but u cant let these lil biittches win. so basically my advice i tell the authorities then hit the gym man u would be surprised how working out will affect your confidence in youself and it will also come in handy when they try and fight you

  16. In my running log I keep track of how far I ran, how long it took, weather, and then a little “notes” section in case I have something else to say (this hurt, miles 2-4 felt good, stuff like that).

  17. Edit: If they gang up on you like that and beat you down, go to the principle and threaten to go to the police. Tell the principle you’ll go to the cops next time it happens if he does nothing about it. People can’t beat on you like that, tell your parents, if they’re really concerned, sue them.If it’s a well-known author with an established fan-base, up to two million. If it’s an untried first-time author, usually around a 10,000 test run.

  18. [/DELDUP]First edition “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone” books with laminated pictorial boards that are not bound in cloth and feature a shiny cover are very valuable, as only 500 of these books were printed. This unsigned edition now goes for $5,000 to $6,500 each.

  19. Because intelligence doesn’t come from a book, that’s why. INFORMATION is what books give us. Not “smartness.” People are either intelligent or they’re not. Reading books may help them with reading skills and data but not with intelligence …

  20. You are permitted to log multiple days off as one. In the comments section, include all the days, your status, and location. (ie. June 3-7, 2008, off duty, Bugtussle, Egypt)

  21. Also the guy bellow me is right, bullies like reactions. If you insult them and don’t fight back, they’ll want to bully you more. Your only reaction should be a punch in the face.Street smarts

  22. know it will be hard starting her first day without her daddy there but it might be good to give her a chance to get out of the house and get her mind on something else like learning, making new friends, and letting her mind grow and develop. If she isnt doing well and just cant cope with the new rules and routine after a few weeks THEN pull her out, but it wont hurt to let her give it a try. Often times kids thrive when they have a schedule to follow. And many kids are excited to feel big and grown up learning and doing their work at school whilst making new friends. It may very well help her. And dont think of it as you being selfish…I hear parents say how excited they are for school to start so their kids will be out of the house part of the day all the time! And it may help to have some time to yourself to be able to go through any grief you have over losing her father. Even if you two werent still together that can still be tough losing the man you made youre beautiful daughter with and knowing her daddy wont be there to see all the amazing things she’s going to do with her life…and even, as a mom, experiencing much of her sadness. I wish you and your daughter the best of luck but i hope youll let her qive school a try. Of course she will be nervous and probably sad but i am confident she will do ok.

  23. I put the date, weather, running coditions, course mileage, note injuries or pains, and any personal information that happened that day

  24. They had such a hard time getting the new rules passed that they probably just forgot to take the 7 days prior rule out.

  25. Unfortunately you will find idiots like this all over in the world. Kids in High school can be extremely mean just because they think they can. You could come back with a statement such as… when he hates how ugly girls blah blah blah…. you would speak up and say.. Too bad you think i am an ugly girl, however, I can always change to be beautiful, but you will be stuck with that ugly attitude your entire life. I am sorry you have to deal with kids who have no brains and were not brought up with enough compassion and understanding that just because you do not look like the movie stars on tv, you are worthless. I am sure you are probably a very nice looking young lady, and one that has bright stars in your future!! Ignore the chumps, and carry on pretty lady.. you will do fine!!

  26. Try to do home schooling, then no one can bully you. There are many accredited online courses and your mom can help you, anything’s better than this. Or maybe a private tutor.

  27. As suggested, check out

  28. Which wireless router are you connecting to?

  29. I use to be a big bully when I was young, then in high school I was bullied by a few people. I know what your thinking “If I hit back, they’ll hit me harder”, but that’s not true, it may happen once or twice, but when you fight back enough they’ll leave you alone. If someone punishes you for fighting back, let them know you were defending yourself.

  30. find your laws and comply as quickly as possible.

  31. [DELDUP()]You should join HomeSchool Legal Defense Association (HSDLA). They are in-expensive and will help you if you ever get pestered by public schools. They give lists of what is required for each state as well…Good luck. I’m homeschooled and have been forever. I love every minute of it!

  32. First editions of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” are not particularly valuable because so many were printed.

  33. furnish us a hyperlink to that article. Then we assist you already know. and additionally let us know exacly how your are appropriate ISP the placement you’re and what variety of router WI FI or fixed, OS and MK MOD of your pc.

  34. There are many types of printing these days. If you’re doing print on demand (POD) then it can be any number. For offset printing a print run starts to get a break in cost at 2,000 copies so the smallest run for larger publishers starts at that number. However, it can vary greatly from 2,000 to 200,000 or more depending on the author or story’s popularity.You are always required to be able to present the 7 prior days when requested by a law enforcement officer. No changes were made to the logging rules, just the hours rules that you have to log.If the router in your house then you will know the security Key.

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