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How Do I Find My Kindle Books On Amazon

Publishing my Book on Amazon.

I want to publish a book on Amazon for Kindles, but I can’t find out how much it’ll cost me personally, or if it’ll cost me anything. Has anyone ever done this? Or know anything about it?I’d also like to know a little more about the royalty thing… All the stuff about royalties confused me. is Amazon’s publishing service. It shouldn’t cost you anything unless you purchase a physical copy, and you can choose not to do royalties if you don’t want to.

How can I get my book into the SearchInside and Kindle systems on Amazon.

It looks like these can really help sales of my book by providing many more links about my book.

I don’t know how you can get your book included on SearchInside, but I do know that Amazon has a self-publishing tool for the Kindle:’s a good article about the benefits to partnering with Amazon for self-publishing:…Basically, for this type of sale, the author gets a larger percentage of the sales price from Amazon than a large publisher usually gets for their books.If you are already using a commercial publisher for your books, you will probably need to check with them to avoid contractual problems. (I’m not a lawyer & cannot give legal advice.)As a Kindle user, I can say that I love being able to download free samples of books that I *might* be interested in, and I’ve already found a couple authors that I’ll be reading more. The ease of buying from Amazon through their wireless technology is a big plus, as well as knowing that the book will read smoothly onto my Kindle without any effort from me. I’d urge you to be very careful with formatting your e-book, as formatting can make or break an opinion in this technology.

Free werewolf books online

How do I read kindle books offline on Microsoft Surface.

I just got the Microsoft surface rt for my birthday/Christmas. I installed the kindle app to use on break at work and bought a book to read on it. I work at a grocery store so there is no wifi. My surface wont let me read my book offline until it gets internet connection and THEN tells me “Kindle is ready for…

Did you try the Kindle reader for PC? (free at Amazon)…I am not positive if it works on Windows RT (or whatever the Surface is running) but it works on other versions of Windows. Install it, register it to your Amazon account. While your Surface is connected to the net, pick Sync & Check for New Books and it should get a list of the Kindle books your have purchased at Amazon. The list will be in Archived Items or a Cloud tab, depending on the app. Clicking on books in the list should let you download them to your new “device” (Kindle for PC).Alternately, after you have registered the software to your Amazon account, you can go to the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon where you’ll find a list of all of your Kindle purchases – to the right on each you can choose to Deliver To…. any of your registered Kindle devices/apps/software.If you got your Kindle books elsewhere then you will have to manually transfer them to your tablet. The Kindle for PC app, in its menu, will tell you where its book storage folder is.

With the Amazon Kindle 2, how do I delete a kindle book I purchased on accident.

So I purchased a book that on accident, I meant to just read a sample and when I was checking everything out earlier I saw a button that said purchased by accident then click here or something like that, well now I can’t find it! Can anyone help me out and tell me how to do this? Thank you and Merry…

You need to contact customer support to return it. See “Returning Kindle Content” section in the official page here for details: that delete it will just remove the copy of ebook from your Kindle device. It is still kept as archived item in your Amazon account for you to download it. So you’ve still purchased it if so.Hope it helps ๐Ÿ™‚

How do I rent a book on my kindle.

I haven’t used my kindle in almost a year and I wanna get back to reading again. The only thing is I forgot how to rent or borrow a book. I need help because I really wanna read The Fault in Our Stars. ๐Ÿ™

Maybe you had a free Amazon Prime trial at one time.If you are a Kindle Prime member ($80/year subscription) then you can go to the ebook’s sale page and see if that book is available for Prime Members to borrow… and that particular ebook does NOT appear to be a Prime-borrowable ebook…If you are in the US and have a library card and PIN for a library that supports Overdrive, then you can borrow via Overdrive (I believe you will get an email when the ebook is available and then have 3 days to download the ebook. I think the ebook might be delivered via your Manage Your Kindle page and that is where you can return it)Search here for your zip code, on the right below the banner, to see if there is a library local to you that supports Overdrive: you know another Kindle owner who has that ebook then they can loan it to you for one time only for 2 weeks only. You may also be able to find lending clubs on the web where strangers loan each other Kindle books. I believe that is done via ebooks Product Details page at Amazon (the person who owns the ebook initiates the loan)Here is the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon US is the Kindle Help on loaning and borrowing ebooks

How do I get free books on my kindle.

I searched on YahooAnswers and saw a lot of people asking where to get free books from for the kindle. There were a lot of websites suggested that have free books. My question is, how do you get these on your kindle?? I went to the kindle store and wasn’t able to sort by price (which was another suggestion). Do…

Just see here on how to put the books on your Kindle. If the books are free, you don’t have to pay for them: some free books and very cheap books can be found or mentioned here: it helps ๐Ÿ™‚

How do I make a book for Amazon Kindle.

I want to put a book in Amazon Kindle to sell. How would I do that? What are the steps I would have to do through to add a book on Kindle?

Here are the steps you take:1. Learn how to write a darn good story by reading books about how to do that.2. Write the story based on everything you’ve learned.3. Go back to fix the major and minor screw ups. (Like the main characters had brown eyes in chapter 1, but green eyes in chapter 8, you told the same thing twice, because you forgot you had already written that before, or you jumped over a couple of steps in the story to save space, but then you realize you need to show those steps to.)4. Go back to revise your story to fit within all you’ve learned.5. Revise, revise, revise, and then edit, edit, edit, until you just can’t make it prettier.6. Find other writers also working on their novels to critique their stories, while they critique yours.7. Go back over your story, based on their critiques. (Revise, revise, revise, and then edit, edit, edit, until you just can’t make it prettier, again.8. Repeat 6 and 7, until they start nitpicking the most minor of things, because you can’t ever make a novel perfect, or agreeable to everyone.9. By the time you do all that stuff, you’ll start learning just enough information about the publishing end of the business (including whether you really should add it to Amazon), to figure it out yourself most of the way, and for the stuff you don’t get, you’ll know enough other writers to ask questions. (This is going to be 3-5 years from now, if you hustle…longer if you dawdle.)

How do I put book on my Kindle.

I had bought a kendle around Christmas time only to find out that my router at home didn’t support my kendle so I wasn’t able to connect there. now I thought by taking it to my school it could get on their wifi but I can’t do a ‘peer-to-peer’ connection so now I am wondering is there any way to…

Absolutely you can buy books, send them to your computer, and then transfer them over to the Kindle via USB cable. Here’s how.To download your purchase to your computer at the time of purchase:1. Select “Transfer via Computer” from the Deliver to: pull-down menu on the product detail page.2. Save the file to your computer when prompted by your web browser.3. Connect Kindle to your computer with the USB cable.4. Use your computer’s file browser to drag and drop the file to your Kindle.To download your purchase from Manage Your Kindle and transfer via USB:1. Visit the Manage Your Kindle page ( Locate the item you wish to download in the “Your Orders” section at the bottom of the page. If you have a lot of content, you may need to use the Previous and Next options at the bottom to navigate through all of your content.3. Click on “Deliver to . . .” next to the title and choose “Transfer via Computer” from the list.4. Save the file to your computer when prompted by your web browser.5. Connect Kindle to your computer with the USB cable.6. Use your computer’s file browser to drag and drop the file to your Kindle.

Amazon Kindle………

Are there any books on amazon I can download to my kindle for free? Also how do I download movies to my kindle? .. and songs. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks.

I’m not sure about movies (I just ordered my Kindle yesterday), but yes, there are a lot of books you can download for free, especially if you like the classics. Amazon actually has a page devoted to where you can find free books. From the Amazon homepage, under “Shop All Departments,” scroll to “Kindle” and select “Kindle Store.” At the top of the page, go to “Kindle Ebooks.” On the left side of the page there is an option for “Free Collections.”There’s probably an easier way to get to it than that, but like I said, I just ordered my Kindle yesterday, so I haven’t really had that much experience with getting books yet. It’s fun to browse the selection, though.

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  1. If you want a refund, you can get one if you contact customer service within 7 days and explain to them you purchased it on accident. They’ll remove the book and give you your money back. If you want to remove it from your device, but not the archives, go to the home page and scroll down to the book then move your pointer to the left and an option will come up to remove it from device. If you want to remove it from your archives I believe there’s a way to do it through the Manage Your Kindle page, but I haven’t played around with it yet.

  2. While it’s true that some t.v. programs are better at informing and portraying than literature, catalogs in themselves are an escape. Personally, i would take a booklet over t.v.

  3. I unquestionably have had a Kindle for a 300 and sixty 5 days now, and advise it as a purchase order. i don’t examine anime although so i’m not an expert on that. What I advise which you do is pass to the amazon web site and seek on of the anime books you like and notice if it has a Kindle purchase option. it is going to likely be glaring on the website. solid success.

  4. To download books from other websites you need to plug your kindle into the USB drive and move the file into the documents folder on your kindle.

  5. haha

  6. Amazon doesnโ€™t limit you to only reading books purchased from the Kindle store. Project Gutenberg ( has over 30,000 English books free for download instantly, already in the .MOBI format for reading on the Kindle. All you have to do is download the ones you want and copy them over to the Documents folder on your Kindle while it’s plugged into your USB cable. Note: you can also search Google for free eBooks (

  7. FAQs about Kindle Direct Publishing

  8. are you talking about kindle prime’s lending library? If so, you have to find it on a computer. and click on the tab. or look it up in google.

  9. Most of individuals find that there are constantly barriers in their course and that luck does not prefer them at important turning points.

  10. From the Kindle store you can just send it to the kindle wirelessly after you ‘purchase’ the free book.

  11. Here’s the site.

  12. You can search Amazon for free Kindle books too! In Amazon, set the search type to “Kindle Books” and search for “-domain” (without the quotes). Youโ€™ll get a list of free Kindle books that can be wirelessly delivered to your Kindle!

  13. I’ve got a website, business cards, a blog, a Google author’s page, a Goodreads page, and I speak at conventions. Those are places to start.It will also help a lot to have a cover ready to go.Tv set ruins your mind and makes you bad in institution reading and hmmm is interesting and enables you to smarter

  14. Sign in and follow the directions. You will need your banking information so you can tell them how to pay you. You will also need a CLEAN copy of your manuscript. That means no typos, no spelling errors. When you publish on Kindle, there is no one to fix your mistakes for you.

  15. You can borrow a book? OMG GOTTA DO THAT

  16. Once your kindle book is up, you will have to do something to market it. If you just leave it sitting there, no one will even notice it, since there are like 5,000,000 other books on there too. So be thinking about that.

  17. Good luck.

  18. No it isn’t conceivable. Amazon has concerns with kindle version. there is demo knitehood application of 5 variations acclaimed, to be notified for such conversions. besides putting up this question to the holders of Amazon will make you hit upon a fashion.

  19. Here’s a link to the blog.

  20. The first time you do this, it may take all day, so just be ready for that. You may need to change formatting, or get additional information. Just keep at it. It’s like learning any new skill. They try to make it easy, but you still have to learn.

  21. You can send the ebooks to Amazon in a variety of formats. It should not have forced fonts or special fonts. You will probably need to have a tax number.

  22. If you book is not in electronic form at all, see these professional services for conversio’

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