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How To Play Books

What is a web site that will give free printable how to play piano book.

I want to play but i can’t go to the store and get them so i want a printable version.

You tube is a far better teacher; there are beginning and medium-level courses as well as folks just showing how to play ‘scales’.Stick with it, for it is a talent you will use all your life, whether for your own amusement or the listening pleasure of others.However, for printable sheet music ans basic instructions, here are a few links:……

How to play from a fake book.

Any tips would be nice. I play piano. I see different ways to play it too like( Med. Swing, Calypso,, etc……….) How do you play it in these ways? I’ve been classically trained for a long time. But how to make the transition to jazz?

Well, since you have the melody, I’m guessing you need to learn your left hand, right?A good way to start is by striding your left hand.Let’s say the Chord symbol is CMaj7.You’d start by playing C2 then play your guide tones (The 3rd and 7th note in the scale of your chord symbol) So C major would be E and B.So you’d stride your hand back and forth from C, to EB. When the chord symbol changes, change your notes. FMaj7. You’d play F2 then AEAlso make sure to keep your guide tone range between C3, and G4.Hope that helps a bit. Amazon urban books

Any good how to play guitar books for beginners..

Im just started out playing acoustic guitar and im looking for a good how- to book. there are just so many to choose from and i have no idea where to start! I would like it to be relatively easy to understand because im just starting out………….any suggestions??

First speak with someone who already plays the guitar. You need basic knowledge before you can start. Conditioning your fingers is extremely important otherwise you could damage your fingers, and lose all interest very quickly. Here’s a few things you could look at in the mean time. Been playing since the 60s.…

What is the best how to play mandolin books.

I have a mandolin, and I have had it for a little bit more than a year now and I really wanna get serious with it. I know a few chords on it like D, C, G, Em, E, etc… Easy stuff, and can really only play Wagon Wheel, Knocking on Heavens door. But I really wanna learn more. I have been playing guitar for…

There are quite a few resources available. If you want a book that will start you from the very basics then take a look at the selection on They also have instructional DVDs. Additionally, here’s a short list of sites that have down-loadable or printable material:Mandolincafe.comMandolinchords.netMandolintab.orgYou could also take a look on Youtube as may people post instructional videos on how to play the mandolin.How this helps and good luck.

“How To Play Acoustic Guitar YOURSELF” Book.

I’m 14, and have an acoustic guitar. I’m pretty good with music, and I want to learn how to play my acoustic guitar FULLY.I want to know everything about it, and want to learn EVERY chord there is to know…Are there any good books you can recommend where I can learn JUST FROM the book, with nobody else…

Back in the”good old days”, aspiring guitarists did not have the internet, no less Youtube. Most of us got started by using a book called Mel Bay’s Guitar Chords. This book is considered to be the largest selling basic guitar chord book ever published! Twelve basic guitar chord types are shown in three ways: photograph, notation, and chord diagram. In addition, a special bonus section is contained showing in photo and diagram the essential movable rhythm guitar chord forms. This special section contains the basics of Mel Bay’s acclaimed Rhythm Chord Playing System showing the guitarist how to finger numerous advanced chord forms with a minimum of hand movement! Chords shown in photo, notation, and diagram form include Major, Minor, Dominant Seventh, Diminished, Augmented, Ninth, Major Seventh, Minor Seventh, Seventh #5, Seventh b5, Sixth and Minor Sixth. Chords are shown in the bonus Moveable Rhythm Chord section include Major, Minor, 7th, Minor 7th, 7sus4, 7b5, 7#5, Minor 7b5, Sixth, Minor 6th, Diminished 7th, Diminished add 9, 9th, Minor 9th, 9b5, 9#5, Minor 9b5, 7th b9, 7th b9#5, 11th, 9 add 6, Minor 9 add 6, 13th, 13sus11, 13 b9, 13th b9 b5. This book is only $4.99 directly from the Mel Bay site, so you should be able to get it at any music store for under 10 dollars.To learn your notes and scales, the two best method series are Mel Bay’s and Hal Leonard’s. It is often debated which one is the best. I suggest you go to the music store and look at book one of each and go with the one that makes the most sense to you.I recommend you stick with the books until you have mastered the basic chords and scales. Youtube can be a great resource, once you learn your basic chords and scales, but as the videos are usually tutorials on how to play songs, you need to learn the basics first. you have to crawl before you walk and walk before you run.Last of all, your fingers will hurt like hell and your notes will sound crappy at first. Don’t give up. this is a rite of passage all guitarists have faced. Stick to it.xx

can u learn how to play the piano through books.

i dont want a teacher but can u get a book to teach you

Actually, you can, why not?Working with a metronome and good sheet-music-reading-skills are required…but playing with the piano is quite easy (playing the piano for over 16 years now) compared to other instruments, eg cello or sth like that… in my opinion you don’t really need a teacher to tell you the tricks cause there are no real tricks in playing the piano…btw: if you get stuck with the book and don’t get along, you can always take a few piano lessons to overcome your problems and go ahead alone again…

Teaching myself how to play guitar, Any book recommendations.

Just to learn the basics a bit so that i can prepare myself for the lessons. I’m looking for something that starts off simple and then advances.I know I should take lessons, and I will if I can’t figure it out. Lol.Please don’t tell me (:.What book did you use to teach yourself how to play…

Hello there,Until you take lessons, you can study this series of video lessons. They are not a substitute for private instruction. But these lessons show the very basics of playing the guitar. This guy has a series of 12 lessons at Youtube. You can ignore where he says he will send them to you. They are all on Youtube now. He uses an electric, but the material applies to an acoustic as well. The is a part about distortion that will not apply, but as I recall the rest should all apply to the acoustic. He does cover the basic pretty well.…I do not think he covers finger picking. That is an important technique for the acoustic. However, that technique is best left to your instructor to help you with.What did I use to learn? I learned the hard way. I started playing in 1957. Back then where I grew up, there was no one who taught rock guitar. So lessons were not an option. I learned by listening to records and watching people play on tv. I played with others every chance I got and got tips and advice from them. I beleive they taught me every bad habit possible. It took me learns to get straightened out. I do not recommend that approach to anyone else. Unlearning bad habits and improper technique is very difficult. The more you practice with improper technique and the longer you play with bad habits, the harder it becomes to unlearn them.Later,

Good learn how to play guitar books.

I am 14 years old and I really want to learn how to play guitar. I already have a crappy acoustic guitar that I guess I have to “learn” on. Anyway, there is no way for me to take lessons because of my busy life already and because of where I live so please don’t suggest that. What I would really like…

My teacher had me use mel bay’s modern guitar method.It teaches sheet music and scales and alot of things I think a guitar player really ought to know, tab players do get kind of irrating. I enjoyed this one book though called simply guitar by steve mackay, it teaches a more practical approach to the guitar for someone who really wants to just start up playing. It’s alot faster paced but does not teach reading music and doesn’t get that in depth with technique. I would really recomend both or two books of similar nature, one to get you started with chords and just playing, and one that breaks down all the technical aspects and teaches sheet music as you advance in music trust me you’ll find it a very valuable ablitly. Come to think of it, get simply guitar most definitly, but many books teach reading music and scales so maybe just ask someone at your local music shop or look through a couple different books before you buy one.I also want to congradulate you on starting at a young age because I didn’t get into music untill I was seventeen I wish to God that I had started younger because I’d be further along now.

best teach yourself how to play piano books/courses.

i’ve been playing piano since kindergarten. the problem is, that i had switched piano teachers so much that they kept me on the beginner/intermediate level. i just moved so we dont have the money for a piano teacher and i know the basics, i just want to expand on my knowledge and become a better musician,…

I have heard good things about a course called ‘rocketpiano’ – when I am unable to take on a new pupil or if the pupil is not sure if they’ll enjoy learning to play piano (and are reluctant to pay for lessons) it often seems to be a good alternative.But obviously you have some experience. While rocketpiano claims to cover ‘beginner to advanced’, my gut tells me you probably need more than this course offers. And if you’re thinking about pursuing a career in the music area, I’d really recommend finding a GOOD teacher (a mediocre teacher is not value for money).Anyway, I think the rocketpiano course is offering some free lessons at the moment so you can see what they’re all about. But in my honest opinion, there is no substitute to a quality, human piano teacher!Good luck… :o)

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46 thoughts on “How To Play Books

  1. Jamorama simply make an effort to re-create a scenario in which you would have a teacher, or are enjoying in a band.

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  3. Go with an instructor. I understand your initial hesitation- i had a teacher i wasnt satisfied with his teaching for a year- it was ridiculous. Give a few a try, because you’ll find one thats great, and your learning curve will be so much faster, and you’ll know your not learning…or playing anything wrong, getting into bad habits, etc. Get a teacher. Look at the program ‘Guitar Pro’ – have have ‘guitar pro 5’ cause you can download tabs for your fave songs for guitar, and it plays it for you, so you can play along- learn just how it should sound, etc. Ive found it a great help, its great. Its not free, however, if you were clever you might, say, youtube and search the many videos on how to get it free. Very much worth it.

  4. Basically, you could use a book but you won’t be able to teach yourself properly and will struggle once you get past eight or nine note pieces and start on theory and dynamics and stuff.

  5. Very reasonable prices.And here is a video of a simplified tab of the Super Mario Bros video game music:1

  6. He teaches you through videos. I just started learning guitar about a month ago and this REALLY helped me. He goes through basic chords such as A, G, D, C, E, and plenty of others. He also teaches you strumming patterns, how to get better quickly and how to use certain guitar accessories such as a metronome and a capo. It’s a very useful site.1

  7. A D G7 CThis will be your finest teacher.. I reccomended you this book,

  8. Consider the Hal Leonard guitar manuals. They teach beginner to intermediate, concentrating on chords, music theory and application.By the end of some lessons, you’ll be able to strum and know enough chords to play a few of your favorite songs, which will be a lot of motivation for you.

  9. If you wish to learn how to play the guitar from your home but like you were with a instructor by your part then your perfect on line program is the Jamorama online class for guitar from here .

  10. If your just wanting to learn the chords, then you could probably find that on YouTube. As for actual notes, you might want to try looking up “how to play guitar” on Google, or getting a book about that from First Act or something.

  11. If you wish to figure out how to perform the guitar and you don’t know what is the better on the web class then you definitely should take a look here , you is going to be impress with the Jamorama course for guitar.

  12. You want to be the best of anything you don’t do it by reading books. Books help.Wagon Wheel Mandolin

  13. Jamorama is great for the newcomers to learn to perform the guitar because they are able to enjoy along with Jam Tracks to mimic being in a band.

  14. If you want to speed up the process and not stumble through the learning process. Find a good teacher.

  15. Here is a video teaching a simple guitar tab version of Fur Elise by Beethoven:

  16. Playing guitar has enriched my life, and I want to help you get that same feeling by going through these guitar lessons

  17. Jamorama online course is just a really aesthetic course (they have a lot of graphics). In Jamorama explains how to see guitar tablature very clearly, they handles bad habits that musicians commonly produce (so that you don’t develop them, ergo wasting your important time).Am Dm B

  18. guitars for dummies…..

  19. The CD also helps with learning the tab that’s in the book.

  20. They provide you with Jam tracks (to mimic the band), hints and frequent mistakes (that your guitar instructor could have pointed out while teaching you).

  21. Not well, probably not at all. You’d be better off with a teacher.

  22. get lessons from guitar masterclass(it cost money but worth it) or buy essential elements guitar

  23. A7 D7 F C7

  24. Get a mandolin video … listen to players..

  25. Piano Play – it is an amazing piano teaching academy. Qualified teachers and teach yourself program as well.I am on grade 4 now and my teacher is lovely.

  26. E G B7

  27. Good luck, playing the guitar is tons of fun 🙂

  28. Also you should learn the 16 main chords:Actually violin is very cool too if you call it a fiddle. Well depending where you live I guess. Yes the acoustic guitar is a cool instrument. As compared to the electric guitar, it makes you seem more sensitive and kind of deep.

  29. Do you want to learn all that great guitar players learn, or do you want to be able to play some fun songs right away. Most of us are not patient enough to go through so much that some teachers and web sites want you to do.

  30. well you need a teacher to explain things and show you middle c. etc and if you teach yourself you will get a bad experience,and find things such as finding notes, natural fluency and GOOD piano playing difficult.Teaching your self.

  31. Try to find a fun teacher who can encourage you and understands your ability, making you WANT to learn, practice and enjoy piano.[/DELDUP]Alfred’s Basix Guitar Method is good. Ernie Ball How to Play the Guitar is pretty good too. One focuses more on the notes and the other one has notes and tabs, so it all depends which you prefer.

  32. One of the best believe it or not is “Guitar for Dummies” It’s a really good book and has a cd with it that even has a track with tones for tuning.

  33. [DELDUP()]

  34. Also books can confuse you, mislead you and put you off the instrument!!!!!!

  35. The internet is a fine teacher. Here is a video that shows you how to read guitar tab:Go somewhere like Sam Ash, they have more music than the Guitar Center…..ask one of the clerks what the best student book for guitar is…..their coming out with new ones all the time….it’s been a long time since I’ve checked them out so I don’t know what’s new on the market. I do know that some of the newer ones have Cd’s in the back so that you can see if your playing correctly. If you don’t have access to a music store call one of them and ask in their opinion what’s the best new book on the market for learning guitar….write it down and then see if you can find it at Hal Leonard’s site, they have just about every book that’s out, well good luck to you !!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Most reputable music stores stock them.

  37. With Jamorama online class for guitar you’ll have all the info you need.

  38. Hunt through as many web sites as you can find (Beginning Guitar) until you find one that works for you.

  39. Every thing in it is to ensure that you can have an identical experience to having a teacher.

  40. ok. you can consider this e-book(pdf) download:

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