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Books On How To Organize Your Life

How do i learn to concentrate and focus on my homework .

how do i organize eyes my life with so much homework ?so much time!what do i do?!

You seem to be asking too different things:1) How to concentrate2) How to organize your study timeFor concentration, look at what is distracting you. Is it something in the physical environment or is it just your thoughts? Or are you tempted by fun things that you don’t end up doing your homework? Identify what the issue is first. Then you need to make a decision: do you want to succeed in your work or do you want to fail? If you want to succeed, what do you *need* to do? If you choose to NOT do what you need to, then what are you choosing?If it’s really a matter of not being able to focus on the work in front of you, you need to possibly look at how you are working and try to be more active in your work (that is, get yourself mentally active and involved, by asking yourself questions, predicting, things like that). You can also learn to bring yourself back to the task at hand by pushing aside those thoughts or setting a timer for a short period so that you know this is your time to focus on your work.As for how to organize your life, you need to first figure out how much time your homework will take you. Then add another 30 minutes. (We usually underestimate how much time homework will take us.) Keep an agenda where long-term assignments and upcoming tests are all written in, as well as the daily work. Set up a schedule for yourself so that you work first on the things that are due the next day, but also schedule in time to work on the long-term items, like studying or finishing reading a book, things like that.This means that you have to make your school work a priority over fun. You can still have fun–you might take a break after an hour or so and give yourself 30 minutes of computer time or a TV program or something. For right now, being a student is your job and it takes precedence over everything else.

I need Help im going into 7th grade and i need tips on how to organize my room and my school life.

Ok as you know from the title im going into 7th grade and im 12 and My room is so unorganized i’ll probably lose books and papers so help me with tips for organizing my room and usually my locker isn’t a big mess but i do stuff stuff in there and im thinking about doing an emergency kit you know for when i…

Get a bunch of containers to put your clutter in to organize your room. Start the school year with a clean room and you’ll feel a lot better. I even have a locker shelf in my closet that I store my school stuff in. It makes such a great small shelf, especially when you stack them!OK…totally do the emergency kit. Last year, when I was in 7th, everybody “started” and nobody was prepared. LOL.With the school supplies, I need one binder for each subject except art and PE, and dividers for each binder. Get a few folders, an agenda, a few notebooks, locker organization stuff, pencils, pens, erasers, a pencil case, graph paper, and more math supplies depending on what math you’re going into.For makeup, don’t use foundation since it could cause zits. Just go with eyeliner and lip gloss and eyeshadow. Everyone I know uses mascara but I don’t go for that.For matching clothes, just wear what makes you happy. Look at yourself in the mirror from a distance, and if something doesn’t look right with colours, change.Best of luck ♥

Download books for free

Does anyone know how I can find/rent/buy ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life on VHS or DVD.

The book is written by Judith Kolberg & Kathleen Nadeau. I have it. I heard there was a VHS available, but ADD Resources doesn’t have it. I would really love to own a copy!

I don’t know were you can find the video but try It is a website that may help you get organized for free.

How to be an organized person.

Please write in excellent detail with links. I don’t know how to be organized.

Being Organized is something that is easy to people but hard to others .. Organization is not just for school or Jobs But its for all your life.. Usually life is more easier if your organized and you just feel like you have done a lot in one day and you still have time at the end of the day to chillTo Be Organized you need to start by Planning your day -Activities to do -How much time for each Activities- You can Plan Daily or Weekly or Monthly and doing lists (I do a lot of Shopping lists etc.)I Use to have a difficulties in actually achieve those Plans Because i didnt put those in mind:When Doing plans they need to be measurable that means that If you put in your plan that you will study dont say i will study in 5 hours.. Because that is more likely not going to happen … and you will get distracted easily.. For example .. So need to choose the right time and its more likely to take for each activity. Also make sure you make other plans if something is most likely not going to happen.. for example .. If your going to plan to go for a walk with friend and maybe your friend is busy or went out shopping with other friends or asleep or another reason… make sure you planned for something that you can do instead of that .. Its also fine to Plan a time a week to relax and do nothing … its my Thursdays .. i Love them ! heheWish of luck and try your best to stick to them .. you can also make sure someone is helping you whether its your parents or your big brother or sister or any one at the house and trust me you will get use to it 🙂

How should I organize my quote book.

I’m planning on having a dandy little notebooks to use for writing down quotes I like. But I’m not sure on how to organize it. Should I do it by category as in Happy, sad, life, love, music, etc? Anybody have a quote book already with ideas to share with me please?

It depends on what makes sense to you. If organizing it by topic makes the most sense (which is, incidentally, how most books of quotations are organized), then go for it. If your concern is knowing who made the statement, organizing by the source of the quotation might be a better move.

How do I stay organized.

I’m terrible at organizing things, being on time, and completing tasks. I recently purchased a PDA and a couple books on the subject, but I’d like to hear some ideas as to how other people organize work, school, and their life in general. How do you do it?

First of all, utilize a planner & a ‘to do’ list. If you’re online a lot there’s an awesome site called You can compile your to do list, have it emailed to you, andd and subtract items & it’s FREE.If you’re an on the go type person. Utilize a planner for both, your schedule & your to do list. Always, but always, schedule personal time for yourself. No matter what! Time to do something ‘just for you’, something that will make you happy.All organizing systems, whether simple or complicated, need to be re-organized periodically.As far as being on time. This takes an extremely conscious effort. However, it IS a habit that can be changed! Like anything else, it takes time to ‘change’ the bad habit. Figure out how much time you need to get where you’re going. Add an additional 15 minutes on to that time. {schedule it in your planner}. Make a conscious, strick demand on yourself. The being late situation has taken control of you, take control of it!!Now, completing tasks….I teach this to all my clients who have trouble in this area: Set a timer. Spend X amount of minutes on a particular task. In general, we put off tasks we dread. At 15 minute intervals, it truly helps remove the dread.Use your PDA, if it works for you. Be prepared, if it doesn’t you may have to switch to another venue. that’s OK.Simplicity is the key. Keeping your ‘tools’ easy for you! You’re more apt to use them if they remain simple.Good luck! Anything is possible!

What do you do to stay organized in your life.

How do you “keep it all together”? Any info/insight/tips on how you stay organized would be helpful.

well if you are not already organized, i suggest giving everthing a good cleaning and a “home” (ex: books belong on the bookshelf only, etc.) then once you have done that you just have to remind yourself to be an adult and to put things away when you are done with reguards to appointments and going out with friends and everything, i like to give myself a half an hour in between events, that way i dont feel pressured. i use my the alarm and calander on my cell a lot and that really helps me stay on top of things b/c all my apts are in one place. my friends think i am crazy, but i’m the one that never gets lost and am always on time and aware of what is going on!

How to organize my life .

I’d like to have some advice. Since a few months, I feel a bit depressed, I tend to focus a bit too much on the negative side of my life than the positive one. Recently, I feel more, bored, alone and again, depressed. I have my whole life to live I’m only 17 years old. I’ve been thinking now I could…

my god i know how that feels… you have to force yourself to get out of the house/be with people as much as possible. ive been through some really rough times and i find that sometimes the only way to feel better is spending time with people who make you happy and laugh and just forget the negative burdens and live in the for the problems and stressful things that might make you feel alone and pained, organize them into distinct categories of school, family, sports, relationships, etc. and then eliminate the ones that are the most unneeded if you cangood luck xo

How do you organize to improve your life.

I realize, as an organism, that I am always in some state of organization, and that I am always organizing and reorganizing … that as a social being I am always relating to members of organized groups, but: I never actually used one of those little planner book organizers, my life feels slightly pixelated, and I am…

the best little thing i got is a palm z22 from radio shack for about 40.00 you can put anything in it alarms, dates, times apts, reminders, gets you up keeps on track, you can even put the darn thing on your computer. to nag at you. i have a rule of thumb “if you dont use lose it”. dont keep junk, i go through closets every 6 months, if somthing is not used during that time it goes out the door no ands if or buts, that goes through my whole house expt for my antiques of course. we drive down the street and see garages open with boxes stack and stacked to the high havens, we have two motorcyles three tool closets and a washer and dryer sitting and ours and no more. and we dont use the attic. and we have no basement. i allow 1 large closet for christmas items, if it dont fit thats it. i have another smaller one for other seasonal items. as far as life goes, it is one origanized clutter and if it is perfert something has to be realy wrong and extreamly boring. do your best and find what fits and works for you.

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47 thoughts on “Books On How To Organize Your Life

  1. Hope I helped – 7th grade is a blast – any more questions? I’m happy 2 help!

  2. First, let’s deal with the time issue. Here is what works for me. I set my alarm 10 minutes fast. My watch, my kitchen clock and my car clock are all set 5 minutes fast. All other clocks in the house (that I never look at) are set on exact time. The computer clock is also set on exact time (which I do refer to). I have tried many systems over the years and this is the one that works for me. I end up being at least 5 minutes early for everything.Other related stimulations are condemned as “witchcraft”, called in the Koran “blowing on knots”. It’s all how far you go that determines its arbitrary worth to various classes of society. It has been the most suppressed secret in the world. Dr. Grof is the first to get away with making it somewhat public. But, every Christian has the right to understand the crucifixion. It must be common public knowledge for justice.

  3. The awakened brain accesses the multidimensional universe that people with only 10% brain use are unaware of. It doesn’t have to be that extreme. Perinatal matrix one is euphoric. In perinatal matrix two, the “Knowledge of Good and Evil”, as one goes into this fifth dimensional direction, the brain gets more and more powerful to travel in the sixth dimension to the probability timelines corresponding to imagination.

  4. Nice quiet backgroiund music helps me. I also like the relaxing sound of a fish tank bubbler. Do your reading and writing in short periods of 15-20 minutes and take a 5 minute break to get up and walk around. Do not turn on TV, call friends, talk with family members,or start eating. Digesting food robs the brain. A nice poster of a sports car helps keep you focused on school so you can buy one.


  6. Holotropic breathing, and other muscarinic nervous system stimulations, awaken the brain by overriding the inhibitory neurons. The neurons of the parasympathetic nervous system are called “muscarinic” for their stimuilation overriding the inhibitory neurons like the hallucinary drug muscarine.i stay in an organised chaos, each and every thing has reason – if i cant locate it i’m no longer ment to – if it turns up it become good success, i’m chuffed to stuff my ‘mess’ into bins yet i could somewhat journey frustration and anger in my very very own movements somewhat than beginning that reaction in others. If i knew the place each and every thing become issues does no longer provide me a spontaneous thought the screwed up kit of textile that connects varieties i does no longer of located… being organised is a distinctive outlook on the worldwide it has that’s place and element, that’s no longer an legal duty of perfection.

  7. The major plexuses are called “chakras” in yoga. Stimulation, called “kundalini” in yoga, spreads in any particular nervous system. In the case of the muscarinic nervous system the stimulation spreads to the brain and there awakens more than 10% brain use.Too general a question.I’m 16, and I have been going through the same phase in the last 3 years. The best way, really, is what all books usually say: push yourself to return to your daily routine; socialise more, and have fun; There’s so much beauty to life, you just have to think about it(:Alright – stress monkey! Oh yoga is fun and stress relieving too lol! Here are my tipsget a plan and schedule

  8. But, he doesn’t belong in anyone elses body, so, as soon as that body sleeps or dies, it’s into another body he goes. And, on and on and on, going backward and forward in time in body after body, into everyone he has ever seen, for about a hundred years duration.This was called the “aioniu amartematos”, an aeon of failure”, in the original Greek Bible, translated into English “etenrnal damnation”. But, Jesus Christ, being God, body switched into everyone who ever was or ever will be, and on every probability timeline. That’s why He is always in you and I. This is real.What your priorities are now will likely be your terms in your old age as well, unless something that is totally life altering comes along and shakes the foundations of your beliefs to the point of ruination? You as a male are not going to change.I work for 3 different companies, all with different schedules each month, so I must stay on track. Each task must have a system and a time frame. For example, I know I must call on 10 stores on Monday. So I have a route system that has a predetermined driving route that maximizes my gas mileage and minimizes the number of miles put on my car, as well as, taking the least amount of time to each store. Then there is a call system which is a checklist in order of the tasks that must be done in the store, as well as, detailed instructions on how to do the task. This all saves a great deal of time and keeps errors to a minimum. It takes some time up front to set it all up, but is worth it.

  9. Organization: If you have a desk at home (if you don’t, create a little “homework corner”) it is the most important place to keep organized. Pencils, paper, erasers, rulers, calculators, it’s good to have some at home and some at school – things get lost traveling back and forth. You can get cheep locker organizing accessories at Staples, they help with organization. And get/use a planner, for assignments and tests – it helps. I’m attaching a picture of a nicely organized desk. It’s really cute too! (not my desk) Oh and cute little notes (add glitter or stickers to note cards) that say things like “do you have your homework” or “test tomorrow – study!” are a good idea to put in your room, by the door, or even in the bathroom mirror!7. Your entire life

  10. Organized in what? There are many things you can be disorganized about.If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.

  11. 6. Your clothes

  12. This act is called the “khechari mudra”, in English, the “fig gesture”. This act causes so much vagal stimulation that the heart stops by vagal syncope. The yogin can then stay in suspended animation for any chosen length of time and voluntarily withdraw his tongue to “resurrect”.schedule an amount of time each day to do U R HW.

  13. 2. SchoolSo ….draw up your list of priorities in your life. This is going to take some hard thinking and personal critique of yourself. You are going to have to be ruthless in your priorities. The terms of living that you abide by personally.try

  14. Unfortunately, I find that the best way to stay organized is to do things right away. The longer you put things off, the longer you will take to finally do them. So I try to put things away quickly while cooking, wash dishes while cooking, and put away the items I am using in the morning, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. But you should only do this with the areas that are important to you. You have to prioritize. For example, if you work at your computer desk a lot and get frustrated when it is cluttered, then keep that area clean.

  15. I’d do it by category like you said.

  16. Men don’t change unless we absolutely have to!! You got to get that. WE DON’T CHANGE UNLESS WE ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO.

  17. 5. Your home4 . Combing shopping habitsWe have built in shelves, in every single room, that we store our books, cds, DVD’s and magazines in. Each of us has our own desk. Games are stored in free standing racks.

  18. I know that it sounds very boring but try to stick as far as you can to the schedule and tick off each task as you complete it. also, write down the estimated times that you will start each task e.g. 10.15pm’ finish writing report’. Once you have prepared and followed this action plan on a number of occasions, you should find that you are able to organise your days without having to write everything down. Organised people tend to be those who spend time on preparation. It is a skill that can be learned.

  19. good luck!

  20. well I have sticky notes on my counter for things I need to do or people I need to call and if someone asks me for somthing or to do someting i write it on a stcky not and put it on my counter where when I walk my I see it.I try and make sure the dishwashe is loaded before I go to bed and the laundry is done,if not done ready to go in the morning.I try to pack lunches at night or get there lunch money set out and ready.I lay my cloths out and remind the kids to get theres out.i try and get all my stuff I need for work layed out I have a work bag i carry my papers in and my lunch.every week the new grocery store ads come out i make a list of all the things on sale i need and and I check out and compare prices to save money.Hope this helps a bit.

  21. Stationary, i would suggest a pack of pencils, ruler, rubber, some inky pens and ink eraser. If you can, i suggest you buya apck of good quality felt pens for days when you are feeling creative!!

  22. To complete tasks you need to set a block of time aside just for the task at hand. I actually got one of those large monthly planners that you put on your desk blotter. I had our routine down from the minute we woke up in the morning to the minute we go to sleep at night. I only used this system for a year because we now have the routine down. I also purchased a kitchen timer that we use for certain things…like “free time”. The timer is very effective.Emergency Kit – Good idea especially in grade 7. Find what you need (talking to your mom, or even one of your girlfriends helps) and stash some in your bag. Tip – keep the feminin products (maybe some spare undies) in a cute little case, there’s nothing more embarrassing than those spilling out of your bag. But a tiny purse – that could be anything! Oh and here’s some hard fact – boys are very hesitant to search through a girl’s bag in “those years” they are terrified of finding things “they do not want to see” lol!

  23. Try to make a schedule. Set it up till the time you wake up, to the time you sleep. Make a to-do list of what you want to do along with your schedule. Check it off every time you do some thing. It worked for me, so it should probably work for you. If it dosen’t work, please don’t call me a piece of ****.

  24. It is said that Jesus “descended into Hell and on the third day arose from the dead”. Crucifixion forces what is called today “holotropic breathing”. Dr. Stanislav Grof replaced LSD with holotropic breathing. LSD awakens brain use beyond the normal 10% by blocking the inhibitory neurons.Try never/not to be in a situation of uncertainty for a long while/time.

  25. 121-180, Roman Emperor, Stoic Philosopher

  26. Hope you take my advise!! Xxx

  27. Do a little research yourself to find help in the exact area of your life you’re looking for.

  28. To organize you must find a system that will work for you. I use a very small Filofax planner that is small enough to carry everywhere. I also put important plans on a calender in my home office and another one in the kitchen. A PDA works for most people but not for me. I gave mine to my husband…he used it for about a year and now it sits in his drawer.Is there any other Hell? Very often those who resurrected from what seemed to witnesses as death, had a homeopathic reaction from death such that the brain woke up with more than its normal 10% use, so that, this actually “hyperlife” state was called, the world of the dead, the Underworld, Hell, etc.Finally, to organize your things you need a system. Your system can be anal or relaxed or somewhere in between. We use a very relaxed system here. We have a basket for the bills, a filing inbox, a two drawer file with the top drawer being cleaned out every year when I do our taxes. Then we put the yearly stuff in a plastic file box and store it for up to 10 years in our attic…then we paper shred the contents after 10 years.go to Yahoo, click on the search block at the top of the screen and type in “organize my life”.

  29. Dont worry!! I got through seventh grade practically sleeping! Bad example,, but what im rrying to say is that its really not worrying!

  30. Makeup, I would say simple concealer, tinted moisturiser and lip balm.. Def no foundation.All the best to you.

  31. 1. Work

  32. i am an adult with adhd who is also a teacher/coach..honet,ly the best thing is writing everything down and buying those plastic shelving units, a section for each part of your life..bills,school work,personal,etc…that has helped me..if all else fails get married/or gfriend and find a woman who can help you they are so much better then us males in that department!

  33. As for organisation i would suggest keeping your books in you locker to prevent clutter in your room. With loose sheets of paper, keep them in a folder or file which you can get really cheap!

  34. This isn’t just suckering to Yahoo! but Yahoo! Calendar helps me a lot; in tandem with my mobile and wall calendar.

  35. School supplies (what I used last year in gr 7) – duo tangs, notebooks, 2 binders, folders, pens, pencils, art supplies, ruler, calculator, geometry set, sticky notes, pencil case

  36. The mind is very powerful to materialize its visualizations as reality in the Underworld. Can anyone control all their thoughts? Things go wrong. as soon as the candidate wishes he were someone else, “zap” he body switches into that someone else, where he no longer has the more than 10% brain use, and is weak again.The biggest muscarinic nerve is the vagus nerve. It doesn’t pass through the spine, but, its main trunk emerges from the brain in the roof of the nasopharynx. Advanced yogins have cut the ligature that holds their tongues down so they can put their tongues up the back of their noses.

  37. etc. be more specific.

  38. I can tell you something that I learned with time… the more you try to be perfect and have everything organized.. the more messed up things are gonna be… don’t try too hard.. be spontaneous and whenever you have something in your head about making some aspect in your life alittle more organized.. do it right away… another thing.. don’t look at this as a big project… look at it as something you’re gonna do little by little.. it’s the only way it’ll workdont worry about organization, thats not the road you want to go down. learn to not take things too seriously and you will be fine, and if you still feel depressed now and again just do what every sane person does and smoke a little weed.

  39. it is available in paperback on ebay under the buy it now option.

  40. Draw up a list of your priorities in life. Print it in large block letters and then with that in mind and in front of you. Draw out your plan for your life. Review it every seven years.

  41. [DELDUP()]Have a nice day.

  42. Fashion: dress the way you are! Are you confidant? Bold colours and statement jewelry. Sporty? Boot cut jeans and T-shirts. Dress in clothes that make you feel good. I hate make up, but if you must: neutral eyeshadow, concealer for zits, lip gloss and mascara is really all you need if you really want to wear make up. Straightening your hair is a nice way to change up your look, or french braid your hair one day, and when you take it out you’ll have nice waves.Reviewing every seven years is not to change your mind but to change your plan if need be. Keeping tabs on your daily and yearly battles is good, and should be applied but every seven years stop. Take a damn good look at everything with a lot of honest and personal critiques then change what is needed or maintain what is working for you.

  43. life can never be organized things will happen that u cant control only fate can control your life. that is what makes life great never knowing what’s to come. the only thing that u can keep organized is your property. but if u could control your life there would never be any suprises would u want that? As long as u get a point across your sentence is organized

  44. 3. AppointmentsTry this, but remember you have to be disciplined! Every evening allocate just 15 minute to write a list of the things you have to do next day. Add estimated times that you think the tasks will take, for example, ‘washing and drying the dog’ 20 minutes, or ‘dropping book off at library’ 5 minutes, ‘cleaning the fish tank’ 20 minutes etc.etc.Know the power of your mind. If just over 50% of your brain believes something, it will become your reality. How? There is the sixth dimension, sideways in time, where there are probability time lines for every possibility. As you increase the percentage of your brain use, it becomes easier and easier to go to the time line where you have what you imagine. The power of the mind is will times imagination, just as sure as force times velocity is power in mechanics. As you increase the percentage of your brain use, your imagination gets stronger and stronger, increasing the power of your mind. There are things that increase the percentage of brain use:

  45. Once you have your terms in life put down in strong words and lettering you can then begin to plan an attack for what lays ahead of you.The blood stays oxygenated during the khechari mudra. Houdini did this in some of his feats. But, with the “water board” of the Gitmo Baptism, the intent is to fill the nasopharynx with water, enough just to put the candidate for initiation into what Dr. Stanislav Grof called “perinatal matrix three. Large doses of LSD were used for the same purpose in the “Clockwork Orange” treatment.[/DELDUP]Dr. Stanislav Grof, in his “Adventure of Self Discovery” said that this was the real sacrament of Baptism, but, it was also what Adam and Eve did with each other, “eating” the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” that constituted the “original sin” so that the Cathars made this thier sacrament of “Unbaptism”.

  46. Meditations

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