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How To Make Foldable Books

If you could travel back in time to the 1850’s, carrying a back pack, What would you take with you.

researching a book idea. what weapons? how to get ammo for modern weapons? what technologies? what survival items? – one item you already are carrying is a 12v. foldable solar panel and batt charger. more ideas please

A complete set of specifications, blueprints, and machinists drawings for the Avatomat Kalisnikova model of 1947, (AK47)(Why the AK47? It has relatively loose manufacturing tolerances and is a simple, basic, and rugged design.A good gunsmith from the 1850’s could look at the specs and make perfect sense of them. The same gunsmith might well be baffled by an AR15 or god forbid, a P90)specifications for 7.62×39 cartridges and blueprints/design specs for case drawing machinery,blueprints and specs for primer manufacturing machinery,jacketed bullet construction techniques and machinery blueprints,automated reloading machinery blueprints,chemical composition recipes for smokeless powder and primer compound.The recipes for C4, Dynamite, and instructions for safe manufacture of both,The blueprints and construction techniques for Claymore mines, and examples of modern batteries.Specifications of modern internal combustion engines and blueprints of modern and sub-modern milling machines and lathes.Blueprints for simple wireless 2-way radios.A concise history book of the occurrences between 1850 and the present.American history might have turned out better had the South won the Civil War. The South was subjected to economic RUIN in it’s wake. This set the USA back technologically and in terms of trust between the South and the North. With a stronger government and a policy of expansionism, We certainly could have prevented both World Wars and the Cold War as well as nuclear proliferation….. if only we could have become the dominant world power by 1860…..

What is the deal with this Sony Digital Book.

What is the cost? Is it worth the price? How much do the books cost? Do you have to download them?I’m thinking of buying one, but it depends on these factors.

New technologies make this particular item vulnerable to being outmoded quickly.Wait for the foldable e-book readers.

Free online books for kids

Foldable Trampolines .

I want to have a trampoline to practice my flips for snow skiing, but i dont like the look of it in my back yard. I need one that can fold. One that i can put away when i am done with my practice. Any Ideas???? P.S i have already google searched it… I need more a web site or something. HELP PLEASE.

Sometimes they are available USED from gymnastic schools or public schools that no longer want a trampoline program. This may be worth looking into because they are very expensive new.For new suppliers, try these links: you are using your trampoline outside, you may want to consider a rectangular non-folding trampoline. Folding trampolines do not fold easily in the grass or turf. They need a smooth surface for the wheel stands which are an integral part of the folding process to roll on. Unless the wheel stands can roll easily, folding a trampoline is very difficult. These folding trampolines are very heavy and require two people to fold them even on a smooth surface. They can still be folded on grass but there is a lot more lifting involved. Even after they are all folded up, it is difficult to roll them over a lawn so they cannot easily be moved even after they are folded. Also most folding trampolines are made to be used INSIDE in gymnasiums where they often need to use their floor space for different activities and cannot have a trampoline set up all the time. Because folding trampolines are designed for INSIDE use, they do NOT weather well when used outside and can deteriorate quickly when left out in the weather.The best home sports training trampoline is the Backyard Pro brand. Many olympic Free style champions train on the Backyard Pro. They sometimes have inspected and refurbished USED trampolines for sale. Backyard Pro is the only trampoline used by World Champion Freestyle skiers, trampoline competitors, springboard divers, free style skiers, and other world class athletes to train at home as well as being a trampoline that the whole family can have fun on. Most of the champion gymnasts, divers, etc. train at home on a Backyard Pro trampoline. The good thing about the Backyard Pro web site is that they have an excellent demo movie playing that shows their trampoline actually being used so you can judge its performance for yourself. The Backyard Pro website is:http://www.backyardpro.comThe Backyard Pro is the only home trampoline that can quickly convert to up on legs mode or flush level with the ground mode with nothing extra to buy. The web links to Backyard Pro ground level installation are: can also download a FREE 50+ page book filled with useful information about trampolines and trampolining. The web link for the FREE trampoline E-Book is: is a good book to read for consumer background BEFORE you buy your trampoline.The Backyard Pro website also offers a critically acclaimed 90 minute trampoline instructional and safety DVD. This DVD is the best and wisest investment any trampoline user can make. Watch it BEFORE you choose a trampoline. The web link for the trampoline instructional DVD is: you do decide to buy a trampoline this DVD is the best investment you can make because once you have a trampoline in your yard, it is wise to learn how to use it correctly and safely.Other trampoline websites boast that their trampolines are superior but only Backyard Pro offers a movie of their trampoline being used so that you can see for yourself.. To watch some sample short movie clips from this video, go to any of the links below:http://www.backyardpro.com……

How can i make a room more private.

So my family is moving to a new house. Me and my sister are going to be forced to share a room since its smaller. Me and my sister are trying to make the room more private so we barely see each other. We’ve seen this : if we make two, we will have no room in…

Build a foldable,or panelized divider similar to those japanese partitions, you can build it so that goes completely to the ceiling.

How to cheaply organize.

Basically, I have too much stuff and no where to put it. I need ways to organize and store clothes, books, random things, etc., and I can’t spend too much money while doing it. Please help, thank you.

Having too much stuff could be the problem. Before you organize, go through your stuff and get rid of anything you don’t need. After that, here are my ideas.First off, for the clothes, if you don’t have a lot of space in your closet you can buy a type of hanger that has, like, four clamps on it instead of one. Sorry, I’m not sure how to describe it – basically you can hang four skirts on the one hanger WITHOUT doubling them up… I got mine at Superstore. Ask.Random things I find best to go in foldable cardboard boxes – like Bankers Boxes. Or, you can just collect old shoeboxes, spray paint them black (or any color – just black would cover all logos) for uniformity, buy white sticker labels (or make them yourself from white cardstock and glue) and there you go! Instant organization that’s cheap and looks good.Books… well, I guess boxes would work, but that can be hard on the books. The best thing to do is just to buy a bookshelf. They cost money, but if you look on Kijiji or Ebay you stand a good chance of finding a decent deal.

Do you know how to make,paper boat..air plane.

I was good at Origami and I could fold a lot of things few years back (I have folded chair,table, book,stegoraurus, all kinds of fishes, sea horse , boat, yacht , cat , foldable knife (cool Robert Lang model) , penguin, polar bear etc. Right now I have forgotten to fold everything, I can’t even fold a model as of now without looking in a book and guess i’ll have to start all over again

How to make a scrapbook using cardstocks…

Hi! I’m doing a project about France..and I wanna make a scrapbook 🙂 Does any know how you make one using cardstocks? What do you need? 🙂 please help!! Thanks.

Cardstock is plain, light cardboard. It is foldable and flexible, very versatile for making albums: can make your album entirely out of cardstock or make a thinner material, like paper bags or large playing cards, your base and cover them with cardstock. Here are lots of ideas for making your own scrapbook album:…… would go to a hobby or craft store near you and ask if they sell scrapbooking kits. Then choose one that matches your idea about how you want your album to look. You should get patterned and plain papers, maybe some die cut shapes and stickers, perhaps some ribbon and/or buttons or lace and maybe even some layout ideas.You may also be able to book into a scrapbooking class and have someone at the store show you how to use your kit and borrow their tools.If you don’t want to do a class, find the papers you want to use and take the photos you want to use and plan out your album by laying pages on the floor and trying different embellishments and photos on the pages. I would aim to tell a bit of a story with your album. write some things about the photos on each page so the reader will understand why you are highlighting that picture. When you are happy with the ‘flow’ of the album stick everything down a page at a time. Then assemble your album.Have fun with it!

how to make a play script.

how do i make my script (which i have on word) look like an actual play book? i can put two pages on one 8.5 * 11 paper, but what do i do to put it together and all? THANKS.

what? you are making absolutely no sense. do you want to fold the page in half? so its like a book? if so then follow these instructions..1. Open a new document.2. Switch to Landscape layout by going to File> Print Setupand then switching from Portrait to LAndscape.3. Hit OK then your page will now be 11×8.5 instead of 8.5×11. Dont worry, your page will print out fine.4. Now, in order to make the page foldable you must make two ‘columns’ of text. To do this highlight the entire page (shortcut is CTRL-A) then Format> Paragraph. After that change the setting from ‘1’ column to ‘2’. Hit okay and then your pages should have two columns so when you print it out you are able to fold them in half.

How to make a Word definition and Picture Foldable.

I need to make a foldable on normal printer paper. I have 13 vocabulary words. They all need the word, picture, and definition. I do not know how to make foldables. Are there any websites that will show me how to do it?…

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