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How To Sell Books At Half Price Books

How much do they really pay for your books at Half Price Books.

Has anyone sold books there are gotten paid? How much do you actually get? I’m going away to college and I’m trying to downsize by getting rid of a lot of my books. Most of them are in perfect condition and I bought them in the last two years, so they are recent titles.

If they’re mostly popular titles, don’t expect to get much for them. I took a dozen or so hardback’s that I’d probably paid about $150 for and they offered me $3. I donated them instead.

House of Night @ Half Price Books.

I have books 1-6 of the House of Night series at my house and I don’t want them anymore, I want to sell them at Half Price books, but I’ve heard they buy books for very low prices. How much do you think I’d get for them? Should I sell them separately or all together (I think they’d be more valuable…

HPB sells books for half of the cover price, or less, as a general rule. That means that if the cover price is $20, then HPB will have to sell that book for $10 or less. This means that they will generally buy a book with a cover price of $20 for $5 or less.Condition generally won’t affect how much HPB will pay for a book, though they’ll sometimes reject stuff that’s in really bad shape. Also, if a particular store has a lot of copies of a particular book, they won’t buy it.Any time you try to sell something that’s used, you will usually only get a fraction of what you paid for it. SOMETIMES you can sell something for much more, but that’s very rare, and you have to find the right buyer. IF your books are first edition, and are in fine or mint condition, and IF you can find a collector, you might be able to get more than $5 bucks per hardback/$1 for paperback. Otherwise…you’ll be lucky to get more than about $22 for the whole set.Basically, you want someone to pay a collector’s price for your books. Collectors generally want recent editions of books to be first editions, and to be mint, not near new condition. HPB is in the used book business, not in the book collecting business. They don’t consider condition (unless the book is too ratty to sell) or rarity when making an offer for books, they only consider whether or not they can sell it quickly. Urban book authors

How to sell used books.

I want to sell a lot of used books that I have and i’m not sure which one would make more money.1.) A book store like Barnes & Noble, Half Priced Books, and etc.or2.) Selling them in a yard sell/garage sell/flea market?

Sell them online… There are lots of good used book stores out there that will pay you a decent price. Your #1 can work, but it’s a lot of effort. #2? No way. You’ll be luck to get a $1 for most titles. People like to haggle.I went through this a while back and found a great solution that made it super easy to unload my books and get a decent payback quickly. I wrote a FAQ up for others, which you can see at, but the short answer is:1.) Use your smart phone to take inventory of all your books.2.) Pump that list into one of the online book buying services. I recommend Powells simply because they’ve got decent prices and pick up shipping.Basically, you’ll spent your time packing up your books and not entering data or carrying the books around to various stores. My way is super easy.Good luck and hope this helps…

half price books.

How much money does half price books averagely give for used books? Anyone who has ever sold to HPB how much money did the give you? Also how much will they pay for V.C Andrews novels?

Not much for used books. I have cleaned out my bookshelves before and filled the back seat of my car with books, and it was a long time ago, so I don’t remember the exact amount, but I think they paid me less than $30 for all those books.I got more money from them when I took used movies and used books on tape. I assume any movies or music or other audio recordings would pay better than books there.However, my mother is a retired English teacher, and she owned stacks and stacks of the sort of novels that are assigned reading in high school and college English courses. When I took those books over there (more than would fit in one vehicle, so I went 3 different days with a big load) they paid a total of just under $150.If you do have a lot to sell to them, I have a bit of advice. Don’t take all of it at once, but split the lot and go on two or three different days. This is because the person at the buy desk is only allowed to use a certain amount of $ each day to buy with. And no matter what you bring in or how much, they will never use all the last of their money for the day on your stack of books, because what if somebody brings something really valuable in right after you leave, and they wouldn’t have any money left to offer? So they always limit themselves on how much they will offer you at one time. As I said, I brought mom’s books, which were EXACTLY the sort of books HPB want as many as they can get of, in on 3 different days. Each day they paid just under $50 for a whole back seat full of books. I’m fairly convinced that if I had split it into 4 deliveries, they would have offered me 4 times just under $50. But Mom was an English teacher, so her collection was exceptional. Regular folks like you and me will do well to get $20-$30.I’m not saying don’t go there. It was worth it to me to clean out some space in my home, and a little money is better than no money at all if I had donated them to Goodwill.

How much do you suppose decent condition manga books sell for at half price books.

I realize that it sort of depends on which HPB buyer you end up working with.. but I’d like to know about how much I should expect to get for my anime/manga if I sell it to them.Please share experiences, if you have had any!

Sometimes it depends on the title. But you won’t get a whole lot. I sold a bag full of DVDs to them once and only got about $30. I sold books there one time — they only gave me $6. They pay more for DVDs and CDs than books. A friend who worked there for many years said they might pay 25 cents per book, at most. You’d do better to sell them online yourself.

Selling books to Half Price Books stores.

Have you ever sold your books to Half Price Books stores? If so, do they give you a fair amount for them? I have lots of fiction/chick lit type books…about 15-20 of them. Do you think it would be worth it to sell them? Do they have to be in mint condition?

It honestly varies from store to store, but keep in mind that most of them (maybe even as high as 80%) only offer trade-ins or store credit and do not in fact pay cash unless they advertise it. Typically, you’d be looking to get around a quarter of the price at least in whatever payment they offer, and while they don’t have to be in mint condition, some stores are pickier than others and have a certain expectation of quality. Most stores will flip through each book to make sure there are no huge defects such as torn out pages, underlining, or other things. Some might refuse to take damaged books at all, while some will take them for a lesser price.Before you go lugging 20 books down to a store, call ahead and ask how they do their business, because if you’re looking for cash they might not work that way and you could save yourself the trip. Also, a lot of used book stores tend to offer less for certain types of “chick lit” (such as romance novels) because they usually have hundreds of them brought in all the time, so ask what their policies are.Bottom line, if you don’t read them anymore, why not swap them in for something else? I used to do it all the time, and it let me try a lot of different authors I might not have if I’d have had to buy them new.

How much would you get if you sold a manga at Half Price Books.

i have about 20 mangas that i want to get rid of and i was just wondering how much it’d be.

25% of what they sell it for, so if they sell them at $4, you get $1.

How much should i get for selling books at “Half price books”.

per book

not that much money. it depends on the condition of the book, how much you paid, if the book is rare. i once sold a few old, unpopular books to half price bookstore and i got thirty-fifty cents for each book (: it was a pretty good deal.

Has anyone sold books to Half Price Books.

Approximately how much do you get per book (excluding recent bestsellers and rare books?) I know they give you an offer on all the books you bring in and am just wondering if it is worth it? Any experiences with them would be helpful. Thanks.

I ADORE shopping at Half Price Books. Selling I have always got like 25, 50 cents, for good stuff too.I guess they’ve got to keep their costs down, which is how we like it :)To sell, I would go to ebay or If you just want to get rid of them, freecycle or donate to a library.Also, you should ask what they do with the books they can’t sell. One Half Priced Books said they have a charity ay once a month and let teachers and stuff come by and pick stuff up at no cost. A different Half Priced Books said they juct recycle it, which is NO GOOD (I believe you should never throw away literature!)Thanks,Martine

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28 thoughts on “How To Sell Books At Half Price Books

  1. confident, i understand that maximum do reason human beings around will in many circumstances sell to them. the variety given is what’s offered to them and yo dont could desire to be stricken approximately undesirable situations reason they take books in mint or elementary situations

  2. If they’re paperback novels, a garage sale/flea market is really your only option as they will be worth very little – not worth paying for shipping at all (around 25 cents, depending on condition and subject).

  3. um half price of what you paid

  4. i would say they would give you ten to fifteen bucks at most.

  5. I’ll buy them off you depending on what they are?

  6. I’ve been happy with what I’ve received from them, especially when I had to make an international move. It really depends on what you’re expecting to make from the book, how much work you’re willing to put into it (if you want to sell on ebay) and how many books you want to sell.

  7. You may be able to take them into a used book store to sell them to the use book store, but most will just give you store credit (i.e. you must spend the money in their store) instead of actual cash though. It’s not a bad idea if you’re left with books you can’t sell through other means though.

  8. You can clean house and make some extra cash by selling your books online. The tremendous reach of the Internet can allow you to sell more books more quickly than you could sell locally, and you’ll likely receive higher prices as well. It only takes a couple minutes to list a book for sale, so why not give it a try today? Choose a site on which to sell your book, or choose a couple if, for example, you want to sell a specialty book and a more general book. You’ll usually need to provide your bank account information and/or credit card number, so once again, make sure you feel comfortable with your choice.

  9. you really won’t get much. honestly, being good to the environment is the benefit. it helps to be nicer to the cashier, they have a little control.

  10. =============================HOPE THAT HELPS YA=========================

  11. astounding it relies upon on how stable the manga is. yet optimal mangas are provided like $9.ninety 9, so i ought to assert around $5 money. so for all 20 books it ought to come to $one hundred money (dat is that in case you provided them 0.5 fee) =============================choose THAT enables YA=========================

  12. no but ive bought a bunch from there.

  13. Try online company they pay for used books, dvds, cds, video games. you can price your items instantly online. they pay for shipping and tracking. I got paid by PayPal, it was pretty fast. you can also get paid by check if you would like.

  14. The recycling part comes when a book isn’t worth selling. I had many old computer software manuals, old workbooks that went with outdated textbooks – stuff that no one would need or want to purchase. I like the idea that Half Price recycles it rather than filling up landfills.

  15. i tried selling some there and they would give me a dollar each so i told them they can go f*ck themselves

  16. during the twilight hype i brought in all four hardback twilight saga novels and got seven dollars for them.

  17. A pittance. I do it mostly to get rid of books that I don’t want anyway, and some money is better than no money.

  18. Depends on the books, as some types of books generally aren’t worth much money at all.

  19. depending on the quality of the books they will give you up to 5 dollars…i sell mine their and that’s the highest i’ve ever gotten

  20. If you are looking to get a nice price for your book, your best bet is definitely ebay. I’ve done both – sold on ebay and at Half Price. You don’t get much per book at all at Half Price, but if you have heaps of books, it does add up.They barely give you anything for stuff. Use them as a last resort. I sold like 50 dollars worth of books to them for like 5 bucks.

  21. try selling them on craigs list first, you may get more for them, but watch your postage..

  22. $2.50

  23. You are selling to someone with greater knowledge than you have. Books vary greatly in value. It takes an expert to know value.

  24. Not very much. It all depends on how popular or rare the book is and how much inventory they have. Pennies on the original price.

  25. If they’re hard cover or non-fiction, there may be a bit of value to them. You can get a fair idea of the book’s value by looking at ebay, abebooks or other used book sales sites like amazon market place.

  26. well it depends on how good the manga is. but most mangas are sold like $9.99, so I would say around $5 dollars. so for all 20 books it would come to $100 dollars (dat is if you sold them half price)

  27. Second-hand book stores usually sell them for $5 tops.

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