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How Much Is My Comic Books Worth

how much is my comic book worth.

I have showcase 93 #8 Two face autographed by Glenn Fabry.I don’t know much about comic books and was wondering if it’s worth anything or just junk.

I see these comics going 3 bucks at most on ebay so even with the autograph it’s not worth much, hold on to it for about 20 years, then it will be worth something, or hold on to it at least 5 years after Glenn Fabrys death.

How much is my comic book worth.

I have a Marvel Masterworks : The Amazing Spider-man Vol. 5 limited to 904 copies of print, how much value does it have?

Seen copies on ebay for approx 15 pounds – which is about the standard price for the regular as well. Certain the prices on other sites are higher (amazon etc), sometimes the prices seem to go from 40 quid to 150 quid for some of the trade paperback MMWs. Still, as with all these things, only worth what people will pay. I actually quite liked volume 5, well all of the volumes so far.

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How much is my comic book worth.

It’s Marvel 25th Anniversary Alpha Flight #35

based on what i remember alpha flight was that sh itty canadien super hero team so i would say its not worth more than 10 or 20 bucks…

how much is my comic books worth.

it depends on what comic book it is.if its a rare edition, or if its the first of the series, or how old it is, also if its in great condition.a lot of things go into how much a comic book is worth.

How much is my comic book worth.

We have two comic books that are Superman and aren’t really sure what they’re worth. They both say “The Reign of the Supermen”. One says “501 LATE June 1993 Number 15”. The other one says “78 June 1993 Number 14”. Just wasn’t sure how much they were worth so if you have any…

You could find either one of those in a comic shop’s quarter bin. The only one of the Death of Superman books that’s worth much is Superman #75, the actual death, if it’s a first print.78 is “Superman” Volume 2 #78.501 is either “The Adventures of Superman” or “Action Comics,” I’m not quite sure which and don’t feel like looking it up.The titles are quite clearly stated on the covers of the books.

How much is my comic book worth.

“The Incredible Hulk” from 1962 V1 issue #1 Grade value is 4.5, or so I am toldI am just curious because I have no clue about comics and just found it in my grandfathers attic. I was just going to dump it, but kind of figured I would get something for it. Thanks in advance.…$5440.00Whoever told you the grade was a 4.5 would also know it was a valuable comic.This is an interesting question given the story.

how much is my comic book worth.

i have THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN issues 169JUNE, 167APRIL? Please help, if you know a website that has free appraisals i have hundreds more i would like to know the price

Depends on condition – $30 each in Near-Mint.Use to look up values. “Worth” is a misnomer – a comic book is only worth what someone else is willing to buy it for.Use to determine condition – very important.

how much are my comic books worth.

What do i look for to identify a comic book so i can ask how much its worth? Is it the date it was made, the number on the top front cover or something else? If I can find out how to I.D. them then i can ask for price on a specific comic book. thanks for helping.

1) Complete title of the comic book2) Issue number3) volume # or copyright date.4) The physical condition of the comic book. Near mint-very fine is the condition of most new comic books any condition less than this brings a fraction of the price. Tears, rips, tape, any type of stain, wrinkles, wear and tear, or discoloration all detract from the value of the book.If you leave out physical condition most people will quote a price for a near mint/very fine condition.If a comic book is not a key issue, is lees than 25 years old and/or is worth less than $5, people may just say, it is worthless.

How much is my comic book worth.

I have an old West Coast Avengers comic book from 1986, Vol.2 No.10, and i am wondering if it is worth very much. It is also in mint, if not near mint condition, and is a Marvel 25th anniversary. How much would this be worth?

West Coast Avengers… my guess is a buck or 2. Comics are only worth what someone is willing to pay. WCA wasn’t a huge title, so not much. Comics are also worth more if they are milestones or first appearances of someone.

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20 thoughts on “How Much Is My Comic Books Worth

  1. 3). Make sure that the books are not signed by the writer or artist (this would need a certificate of authenticity) and would make them more valuable.

  2. You sir have a very valuable book right there.

  3. Yeah, the first Batman comic ever made was ’39.[/DELDUP]

  4. around 30 to 50 dollars

  5. 5$ to 10$ to 20$ all the way to a 100$ me my self have a bunch of comic book i haven`t sold 1 book but iv heard that ther a bit of $$$$ some time`s won guy got 10,000$ it was the first bat man comic aver made so you mit git a bit of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  6. Reign Of The Supermen

  7. Since most prices revolve around CGC-certified grades, you would not get that much money off of non-graded ones. If you want to identify the issues, then first identify title, issue, year. There is a big difference between volume 1 and volume 3, even if they both are labeled issue 1.

  8. [DELDUP()]In perfect condition, they would be worth about $5 each, but that is only a guess, since I do not have a price guide in front of me. If you want to sell them, take the time to track down a copy of the current “Wizard” magazine (possibly at your local public library). In the back of the magazine, they have current valuations for most major comic books.

  9. -Sequoia Boast:

  10. 2) Retailers will not pay you the price in the guide- they have to make a profit and can only sell them at the currently listed price.I mean, I have several Superman 90’s comics and I bought them from the comic store in the $2.00 range.

  11. Most vintage comics sells from about $50 – $250

  12. about $120

  13. Comic books from the 1990’s and 2000’s aren’t worth any more than what you personally paid for them.

  14. Important things to remember:1) You have two different titles here, so look them up under the correct Superman comic.

  15. I don’t think comics in the 90’s are worth anything, maybe issue cover price.

  16. Which comic books?

  17. It is hard to judge without looking at the condition your comics are in. Just like any other collectible, the condition of the item sets the value. Pages missing or torn or written on will detract from the value. Water damage, smears and folds will hurt the value as well.

  18. comics aren’t usually worth all that much unless they are very rare an in min condition but you may want to search the net for dealers or go to eBay and search

  19. She’s talking about ’93.

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