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How To Make Doll Books

How to make ball jointed dolls.

I’m just getting into dollmaking (doing paperclay dolls) and my understanding is that doing ball jointed dolls is extremely advanced. It’s the kind of thing that I think would require you to actually buy and instructional book and/or patterns. The process involves making molds and then casting the doll from resin. Most people paint their ball jointed dolls by airbrushing. Airbrushing setups require space, good ventilation, and are very expensive. (I’m gonna try to get one for my birthday, about $500).I hope this helps!

How to make a homeade doll..

Okay so I’ve been reading books about dolls coming to life(thinking they were stupid but turns out i liked them ha haa)anyway I was wondering if anyone know how to make them…like a miss hickory doll..odd question oh well!And(WARNING I’M ABOUT TO SOUND LIKE A CRAZY LITTLE KID!!!)if there are any…

Hmm well there are two answers here, firstly you can make a doll out of clay or some other hardening stuff, you will need a wire armature (skeleton) and just sculpt the clay over the top. Or you can sew a ragdoll.The OTHER answer – is look into Asian Ball Joint Dolls, these are fantastic dolls (IMO) that I think that book may be about, They are a japanese (or oriental) made resin doll that has joints for lots of realism. There are hundreds of makes now but the original one is Volks.The orgininal idea behind them came from Volks being a ‘figure’ manufacturer, by this I mean action figures and such (there’s a huge market apparently) and in order to get girls interested in such things the head of this company sculpted a doll for his wife using the techniques of articulation that they used on their dolls, the doll was very big and could have her eyes changed for ones of another colour, her wig changed and such. Then Volks realised what an idea it was an decided to market them.There’s a huge fanbase (do a search for more info) and check out Den Of Angels as that is the biggest and best fansite out there.The whole point of these dolls is to create your own ‘dream doll’ or ‘doll friend’ and you are often times expected to customise them yourself, so you paint the face, pick eye and hair colour, even make up the doll from different parts.Volks have what they call a ‘full custom service’ which, because they sell many varied face moulds and hands and such, you can pick what body parts you want to make your own ideal doll, then they will paint the face accoring to your specifications, if you are luck enough to do this in one of their stores (think there’s one in the US the rest are in Japan) there is a little ceremony they do for you called Omukae.Anyhow if you are into dolls and such you may find these sites interesting :)Basic info about BJD…And another mentioning the Omakae ceremony – after going and looking up Miss Hickory, you could make one like her in the same way, a forked twig and a nut (or ball of clay whatever) for her head.Just be creative and have fun!!

Free urban books app

were I can learn how to make dolls..

were I can learn how to make dolls?

There are many classes available online at:http://www.thedollnet.comThey also have a yahoo group called Friends of Cloth dolls,( focd ) for short that you could join. Some of the most famous doll makers also belong to this group.There are also many books available on the subject at reasonable prices on ebay.Hope this helps.

Does anyone have good tips/books/sites on how to make cloth dolls.

I have never made a doll before and I want to make my first soon. I am thinking about using felt as my main material. Any help would be appreciated.

Here are some cute ones….

How to make dolls/Doll clothes.

I’m 15 in three months and am really into dolls. No, not in a creepy way. I just like to pay with them and talk to them. I would like to start to maybe make them to. Would a kiln work? I learned a little about how to work with clay in art class abd art club this year and last year. If it will wotk. Are there…

You can actually go to a pottery studio that is open to the public and create your ceramic dolls there, which would save you the trouble and expense of setting up your own studio. There are plenty of different forms for parts available from which you can choose, and of course you can eventually make your own molds once you get the hang of it.You can make doll parts from other materials, such as papier mache, wood and stuffed fabric.You can buy pre-made glass eyes that look quite realistic, and you can buy wigs or learn how to make them. If you look online, you can find supplies and even classes in dollmaking. Your local public library can also supply you with books on dollmaking and making doll clothing.

where can you buy Miniature doll house books that shows you how to make Miniature food.

i want tutorial books only the books that show you how to do it step by step

You’d find these books in craft stores like acmoore and michaels in the fimo clay aisle. Or you can google “miniature dollhouse” and go from there. A lot of these websites not only sell ready-made furniture and foods, they also sell books and pamphlets with step-by-step instructions on how to make them yourself. Actual ‘miniature’ shops also carry them, if you happen to have one near you.

Anyone know of books or something on how to make doll clothes.

I would just like to be able to make my own is all. Any help such as links to websites or book titles or something would be appreciated.

Amazon has some….

how to make american girl doll clothes and books and more.

Ummm.. my daughter would also like to know how to make american girl doll food , clothes,books,and more…. please answer

Try these sites…

How to make a ball jointed dolls.

Advice from a doll maker, pls.. thanks!!

I’m not a doll maker but I do have BJD dolls, your best bet is to get hold of a book called Yoshida style ball joint doll making. I have not seen it but apparently it is a great resource, the only drawback being that it is in japanese. The BJD community rates it highly because it has series of photos showing each step in detail so can be used allegedly easily by non japanese reading people (somewhere on Den of Angels there’s a translation as well I believe)Here also is a site with some info…I found the book on amazon…scroll down to the comments and reviews, it will tell you what I think you need to know :)Good luck

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  1. There’s a Japanese company called Re-Ment that specializes in miniatures, including food. It seems to be made of Fimo or other poly clay. I don’t know if they have a “how to” book, but that’s a good direction to start.

  2. Diane B.

  3. maybe make clothes with some cheap fablic that you can sew. I feel like clay would be a bit heavy and brittle! hope this helps hommie!

  4. Sewing & Sculpting Dolls by Eloise Piper. It is printed by Chilton Book Company in Radnor, Pennsylvania.

  5. There are a lot of places and resources for learning how to make dolls. The type of doll you are interested in making would make a difference on where you may want to go to learn. There are hand sculpt dolls, cloth dolls, paper mache, porcelain, resin, cast, and hand made rag dolls. Also, there are fairy dolls, fantasy dolls, reproduction dolls, reborns, miniatures, teddy bears, and themed dolls, too.

  6. Diane B.

  7. challenging situation. look at search engines like google. it can assist!

  8. HTH,If you are looking for American Girl Doll ideas and affordable clothes and accessories too, try Harmony Club Dolls online store at

  9. [DELDUP()]

  10. I think Kit. She has a lot of new clothes since they just came out with a Best Friend Doll (Ruthie) for her at the end of June and also in July they came out with a movie for her.

  11. ….But there are also lots of written instructions and links to online lessons on that page as well (free).

  12. This is a very good book that will take you from the beginning of doll making, all the way through the final product. It has complete instructions, patterns and pictures to help you in the construction.

  13. You could knit doll’s clothes 🙂

  14. There are lots of clothes patterns available from Butterick, Simplicity, etc. Go to a Joann store or your local fabric store and look throught the pattern books. They are available on ebay, too: search by ‘American Girl Doll clothes pattern.’You might also want to check out the Polymer Clay boards at since they seem to be populated these days mostly by people who are primarily interested in making miniature foods (especially sweets).

  15. You can buy patterns for doll clothes at a material store.

  16. Not sure if you want barbie or baby doll clothes but if you google what you want, there are lots of sites available. I made all my daughters doll clothes, both barbies and baby and it is fun because they are made up quickly. They are good for using up up fabric and trim scraps.

  17. There are some books on making miniature foods listed on the Miniatures page at my site:

  18. Go to youtube and search my froggy stuff you can find easy stuff to make for ur dolls

  19. [/DELDUP]For food, do a web search for ‘free tutorial fimo food’ or ‘free tutorial polymer clay food.’

  20. An extensive selection of step-by-step projects show how to make miniature food items from polymer clay for the 1/12th scale dolls’ house. Create realistic looking food from polymer clay for the 1/12th scale dolls’ house. For Tudor, Georgian, Victorian and modern-day dolls, there is simple fruit, vegetables and bread, as well as celebration food and banquets. A comprehensive step-by-step techniques section covers all the essential techniques for working polymer clay in miniature, such as shaping the clay, mixing colours, creating different textures and baking. It also details the tools and materials and how to put them to their most effective use. This information will then be used throughout the step-by-step illustrated projects. Colour photographs show the finished item and presentation ideas and instruction are given, from bread baskets to whole table settings. An essential book for feeding the 1/12th scale dolls’ house family.American Girl books are also available on ebay at a cheap price – I just checked and saw an auction for five of them for $3.00. Search by ‘American Girl book.’

  21. If you’re wanting to use felt, you might want to look for “plushies”… real “cloth dolls” are usually made from plain cotton muslin or colored/patterned cotton fabric (…those can be quite simple, all the way up to very complex and/or realistic).

  22. -You can buy kits for making dolls. That may be a good way to begin.

  23. Hello,What ever doll you choose to learn to make, may you find joy in what you create.

  24. buy dolls house miniatures sydney australia

  25. There are a lot of Yahoo doll forums, such as VikisFinds on Yahoo. Doll makers and collectors sort of gather together to share general information on what they are making and often answer questions to how something is done, and where to find products to help you make them.

  26. You can check out some of these sites though to see if you find the type you’re looking for:Just think about something basic, like a bologna and cheese sandwich. With 3 colors of clay(white, yellow and pink), you can roll out some white for the bread, then roll some yellow and pink to about half the thickness of the white clay, and you’ve got the beginning of a little sandwich. Experiment a little to get the correct scale and soon you’ll have a whole pantry full of tiny foods!

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