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How Many Books Are In The Warrior Series

how many books are in the Sackett Series and where can you find them……

Ok my dad has wanted a book seiries called the Sackett Series for many years but I dont know where to find them or how many books are in the sieries. Any info is highly appreciated i would love to give him this as a christmas present...

Louis L’Amour wrote 89 novels, 14 short-story collections, and 2 works of non-fiction. Among these, there were 17 Sackett novels. Below is the suggested reading order from the official website, which has all of L’Amour’s books for sale:Sackett’s LandTo the Far Blue MountainsThe Warrior’s PathJubal SackettRide the RiverThe DaybreakersThe Courting of Griselda (short story in “End of the Drive”)LandoSackettBooty for a Badman (short story in “War Party”)Mojave CrossingThe Sackett BrandThe SkylinersThe Lonely ManMustang ManGallowayTreasure MountainRide the Dark TrailLonely on the MountainSackett characters also appear in the following:Son of a Wanted ManBendigo ShafterDark Canyon

How many books will there be in the ranger’s apprentice series.

I ‘ve read up to book three but oakleaf bearers doesn’t come out until july in the uk.just wondering how many books are there and what happens(in detail)in oakleaf bearerssorry i asked so much its just i love it

I love this series too! There will be 9 books in all, 1-4 being Will’s apprenticeship, 5 and 6 being a few years later, and book 7 takes place in between 4 and 5. I don’t know details for the last few. The 4th Book, Oakleaf Bearers, just came out in the US and I finished it a few days ago.Will and Evanlyn are still living in the cabin, and Halt and Horace are in Skandia on their trail, but are sidetracked when they come upon tracks of the Temujai, or fierce warriors that are masters of the longbow. One of the Temujai captures Evanlyn, so Will is following him, as well as Halt and Horace, but without his knowing.The two groups meet up at the Temujai campsite where they rescue Evanlyn, and Will and Halt are reunited. Later they run into Erak and some other Skandians. They go to spy on the Temujai to see what they’re up to. Halt and Erak find out that they are planning to attack Skandia, and from there Gallica and then Araluen.The every man for himself tactic of the Skandians stands no chance against the disciplined Temujai, so to prevent them from invading Araluen as well, Halt teams up with Erak and the Skandians to help them defeat the Temujai.Ragnak later finds out Evanlyn’s true identity, Princess Cassandra, and wants to kill her to honor his Vallasvow. Halt agrees to let him kill her after the battle or he will not help them, so Ragnak agrees. They can only hope Ragnak is killed in battle,or they will have to make a hasty escape.Finally, the Temujai reach Skandia. The battle is intense with both sides ready to fight to the very end. I don’t want to spoil how it ends, but what happens. I loved this one and I can’t wait for the 5th one. Hope you like it too! Good amharic books

“Harry Sidebottom – Warrior of Rome” how many books are in the series.

Iv seen the 1st one obviously and the sequel, but haven’t seen anymore as of yet.thanks.

According to Amazon there are three books.…Edit: Ok there are two then! 🙂

How many books are in the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

I bought one of the books and I don’t know what number it is in the series. I want to know all of the books in the series in order.

There are 19 books out another one on the way in 2011, 1 companion book, and several short storiesDark-Hunter(inspired the series) Fantasy Lover (2002)0. Dragonswan (2002)1. Night Pleasures (2002)The Beginning (2002) (in Sins of the Night)2. Night Embrace (2003)3. Dance with the Devil (2003)Phantom Lover (2003) (in Midnight Pleasures)A Dark-Hunter Christmas (2003) (in Dance with the Devil)4. Kiss of the Night (2004)5. Night Play (2004)6. Seize the Night (2004)Winter Born (2004) (in Stroke of Midnight)7. Sins of the Night (2005)8. Unleash the Night (2005)Second Chances (2005)9. The Dark Side of the Moon (2006)10. The Dream Hunter (2007)11. Fear the Darkness (2007)12. Upon the Midnight Clear (2007)13. Devil May Cry (2007)Until Death We Do Part (2006) (in Love at First Bite)A Hard Day’s Night-Searcher (2006) (in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding)The Dark-Hunter Companion (2007) (with Alethea Kontis)14. Dream Chaser (2008)15. Acheron (2008)16. One Silent Night (2008)17. Dream Warrior (2009)Shadow of the Moon (2008) (in Dead After Dark)18. Bad Moon Rising (2009)19. No Mercy (2010)20. Retribution (2011)

How many book are there in the Warriors Series by Erin Hunter.

please answer

Here, I will give you the entire list of Warrior Cats books in order:~The Original ProphecyInto the WildFire and IceForest of SecretsRising StormA Dangerous PathThe Darkest Hour*Firestar’s Quest*Bluestar’s Prophecy(Now read the Tigerstar & Sasha and Ravenpaw’s Path manga.)~The New ProphecyMidnightMoonriseDawn (Now read the Graystripe & Millie manga)StarlightTwilightSunset~The Power of ThreeThe SightDark RiverOutcastEclipseLong ShadowsSunrise~Omen of the StarsThe Fourth ApprenticeFading EchoesNight WhispersA Sign of the Moon (Releasing sometime next year)(Rumored name is “The Lost Warrior, but that is stupid because there is a manga named that.)-There are more to come!~MANGA: Manga are small comic books, usually telling a tale revolving around two cats from the books.~(Single manga) “The Rise of Scourge”~”Tigerstar & Sasha” manga trioInto the WoodsEscape from the ForestReturn to the Clans~”Ravenpaw’s Path” manga trioShattered PeaceA Clan in NeedThe Heart of a Warrior~”Graystripe & Millie” manga trioThe Lost WarriorWarrior’s RefugeWarrior’s Return~FIELD GUIDES: Guides are books with information about cats, Clans, territory, and more.These can be read anytime.Here is the list of guides:Secrets of the ClansBattles of the ClansCats of the ClansCode of the Clans~SPECIAL EDITIONS: Special editions are side-tales, usually about Clan leaders or Clans.Most can be read after the First Saga.Firestar’s QuestBluestar’s ProphecySkyClan’s Destiny (Read AFTER Firestar’s quest)Crookedstar’s Promise (Releasing sometime next year)That’s all the Warrior boooks for now!~Josie Jayfeather <3-Warriors Expertise-

How many books are in the Warriors series. (By Erin Hunter).

And are there like, two different seasons? J/w.

There are quite a few. There are 4 series planned, but only up to the fifth book of the third series is currently released. There are also super editions and mangas. List below.WarriorSInto the WildFire and IceForest of SecretsRising StormA Dangerous PathThe Darkest HourWarriorS: The New ProphecyMidnightMoonriseDawnStarlightTwilightSunsetWarriorS: The Power of ThreeThe SightDark RiverThe OutcastEclipseLong ShadowsSunrise (not yet released)The fourth series will be called Omen of the Stars.The super editions are:Firestar’s Questthree others will be released.Field Guides:Secrets of the ClansCats of the Clansthree other s to be released.Mangas:The Rise of ScourgeThe Lost WarriorWarrior’s RefugeWarrior’s ReturnInto the Woodsfive others to be released.Go to websites below for more information.Thanks! Hope I helped!

what are the different series in warriors and how many books are in that series.

if you can could you plz do the names of the books in order from 1 to …….

WarriorsBook 1: Into the WildBook 2: Fire and IceBook 3: Forest of SecretsBook 4: Rising StormBook 5: A Dangerous PathBook 6: The Darkest HourWarriors: The New ProphecyBook 1: MidnightBook 2: MoonriseBook 3: DawnBook 4: StarlightBook 5: TwilightBook 6: SunsetWarriors: Power of ThreeBook 1: The SightBook 2: Dark RiverBook 3: OutcastBook 4: Eclipse – expected release on September 2, 2008Book 5: Long Shadows – expected release on November 25, 2008Book 6: Cruel SeasonThere’s also mangas and special editions.

how many books are in the red wall series.

18 BooksRedwall (1986)Mossflower (1988)Mattimeo (1989)Mariel of Redwall (1991)Salamandastron (1992)Martin the Warrior (1993)The Bellmaker (1994)Outcast of Redwall (1995)The Pearls of Lutra (1996)The Long Patrol (1997)Marlfox (1998)The Legend of Luke (1999)Lord Brocktree (2000)The Taggerung (2001)Triss (2002)Loamhedge (2003)Rakkety Tam (2004)High Rhulain (2005)They were published out of order and should be read in the following order.Lord BrocktreeMartin The WarriorMossflowerThe Legend of LukeOutcast of RedwallMariel of RedwallThe BellmakerSalamandastronRedwallMattimeoThe Pearls of LutraThe Long PatrolMarlfoxTaggerungTrissLoamhedgeRakkety TamHigh Rhulain

how many books are in the seekers series.

i want to know how many books are in the seekers series by erin hunter NOT THE WARRIORS SERIES THNX

Book 1: The Quest BeginsBook 2: Great Bear LakeBook 3: Smoke MountainBook 4: The Last WildernessBook 5:Fire in the SkyBook 6: Spirits in the Stars

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39 thoughts on “How Many Books Are In The Warrior Series

  1. Lord Brocktree (2000)The Power of Three: 6 booksPublished at the moment:

  2. Power of Three, six books.

  3. Marlfox (1998)

  4. 6 first seriesThey should be listed in the front of the book before chapter one begins.

  5. Martin the Warrior (1993)

  6. xx

  7. Blackleaf – Blackraven – Blacksong – Blackcall – Blacknose – Blackfly Blackmist – Blackfire – Blackwhisker – Blackfeather Tigertail – Tigerthorn – Tigeryowl – Tigerdirt – Tigertree – Tigerpool – Tigerstripe – Tigerfur – Tigerpelt – Tigerflame Graycalico – Graywish – Graycrystal – Graysky – Graysong – Graydapple – Grayfire – Grayhawk – Grayriver – Graymoss Rivermist – Riverstorm – Riverpelt – Riverwish – Riversand – Riverpebble – Rivermouse – Rivergrass – Riverhail – Riverpath Mousekink – Mousefuzz – Mousebone – Mouseblink – Mousewhisker – Mouseharp – Mousefire – Mouseclaw – Mouseyowl – Mousecrow Wildshadow – Wildwish – Wildfire – Wildkink – Wildrain – Wildberry – Wildbird – Wildpelt – Wildwillow – Wildcrystal Rosewrinkle – Rosewish – Roselynx – Roserain – Rosefawn – Rosepath – Rosedust – Roseashes – Roseflight Robinrain – Robinflower – Robinflight – Robinfeather – Robinvole – Robincrystal – Robinsun – Robinsky – Robinfur – Robinsong Moonlily – Moonflight – Moonrain – Moonnight – Moonsky – Mooncotton – Moonpetal – Moonshine – Moonrace – Mooncloud Jayground – Jaydust – Jaybush – Jayfoot – Jayflower – Jayflight – Jayyowl – Jaypelt – Jayfur – Jaylavender Raventhorn – Ravendive – Ravendash – Ravenriver – Ravenwind – Ravenpetal – Ravenstorm – Ravencry – Ravenwinter – Ravenhop Icewish – Icepelt – Icefang – Icesedge – Iceheart – Icecross – Icekink – Icejolt – Icerogue – Iceflower Snowlight – Snowtinkle – Snowwish – Snowlily – Snowflower – Snowheart – Snowdive – Snowfeather – Snowshine – Snowfalls Sunfeather – Sunsong – Suneye – Sundapple – Sunfern – Sunsigh – Sunswish – Sunstone – Suntail – Sunpool Hawkfire – Hawkclaw – Hawkmud – Hawkdapple – Hawkwish – Hawkmud – Hawkhail – Hawklily – Hawktalon – Hawkrain Eagleferns – Eagledapple – Eagletalon – Eaglewish – Eaglflight – Eaglecry – Eagleheart – Eagleeyes – Eagleflower – Eaglecreek Hope these help 🙂 10 4 each

  8. Outcast of Redwall (1995)

  9. 4 field guides19 so far. Check out her website.

  10. First series, six books.

  11. So altogether its 22 books but if you count the

  12. there are 6 altoghether

  13. Loamhedge (2003)[/DELDUP]6 New Prophecy

  14. you may check this out..Rakkety Tam (2004)3 tigerstar and sasha trilogy

  15. 3 ravenpaw’s pathNew Prophecy, six books.Hope I helped!

  16. The Long Patrol (1997)how many books are in the Sackett Series and where can you find them…..?

  17. Omen of the Stars: almost 4 books

  18. Since you clearly have an curiosity in delusion – I’d endorse Discworld by way of Terry Pratchett, the Sandman sequence by way of Neil Gaiman (photo novel), Gormenghast trilogy by way of Mervyn Peake, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time, The Dark Tower by way of Stephen King, and Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea chronicles.

  19. 1 rise of scourge

  20. Redwall (1986)Mariel of Redwall (1991)The Legend of Luke (1999)19 series so far..

  21. High Rhulain (2005)

  22. Salamandastron (1992)Sackett Series

  23. The Pearls of Lutra (1996)4 Omen of the Stars

  24. Jayfeather got it right, but Book 5 of Omen is supposed to be the Forgotten Warrior, not the Lost Warrior

  25. The Taggerung (2001)The Bellmaker (1994)3 graystripe’s trilogyI believe there are 18 books by Brian Jacques in the “redwall series.”Triss (2002)

  26. Omen of the Stars, soon there’ll be four books.

  27. The New Prophecy: 6 books3 super editions

  28. So, twenty-two. Dang, Erin Hunter…or, the four women that make her up.

  29. [DELDUP()]

  30. 6 Power of Threethat makes 29 books.Field Guides: 4 booksMossflower (1988)

  31. I love Sherrilyn Kenyon (and Simi ^_^). I’d highly recommend them all. I’d read them in chronological order (the year each book was published. Even the short stories) starting with “Fantasy Lover”. It isn’t part of the Dark Hunter series exactly but it sets up future characters and has some Dark Hunters in it. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have =D

  32. I believe that there will be over 30, maybe 40 books in the entire series. Twilight Fan has the right idea.

  33. Ok my dad has wanted a book seiries called the Sackett Series for many years but I dont know where to find them or how many books are in the sieries. Any info is highly appreciated i would love to give him this as a christmas present…

  34. This Site Might Help You.

  35. Super Editions: 3 booksMattimeo (1989)

  36. first series: 6 books

  37. therefore 39.

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